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July 27, 2021

Before starting your home business, check on insurance needs


Woman packing merchandise in her living room

Starting a business? You may have new insurance needs even if you’re working from home.

Texans are starting businesses at a faster clip. More than 250,000 businesses launched in the state the first half of 2021 — up from 152,000 the first half of 2020, according to federal statistics.

If you’re starting a business at home, your homeowner’s policy might not cover your equipment, products, or injuries to employees and customers. Some coverages worth exploring:

  • Coverage of expensive equipment, special tools, or inventory.
  • Business interruption coverage to make up for lost income if your business is put on hold after a break-in, storm, or fire.
  • Data breach or cyber liability coverage — especially if you store anyone’s personal data.
  • A commercial auto policy if you make deliveries or regularly need to pick up supplies.
  • Workers’ compensation coverage, additional liability coverage, or an umbrella liability policy in case an employee or customer has an accident in your home.

Ask your agent or insurance company if you can bundle coverages into a business policy to save money.

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