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Texas Department of Insurance
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Temporary agent and adjuster licensing changes

License applications

How can I apply for a new license?

You can apply for a regular Texas agent or adjuster license after you:

  1. Pass an exam: Exam testing is now available at select sites across the state. Log in to your Pearson VUE account to find a test center and make a reservation.
  2. Submit your fingerprint background check: To find a fingerprinting facility near you, check the IdentoGo website or call 888-467-2080. The wait may be two to four weeks depending on the location.

Can I apply for a license remotely?

TDI is issuing temporary licenses without required testing or additional fees at this time.

To learn more about the application process and other licensing requirements, visit our agent and adjuster licensing page. Click on the type of license you want to apply for, and we’ll walk you through the process.

I have a temporary license. How much time do I have to apply for a regular license?

At this time, your temporary license is active until further notice by TDI.

I passed the exam but can’t get fingerprints. Can I get a license?

You can apply for a temporary license.  Notify TDI once you’ve completed your fingerprints. After TDI reviews and approves your background, your permanent license will be approved.

To find a fingerprinting facility near you, check the IdentoGo website or call 888-467-2080.

I passed an exam last year, but I didn’t get fingerprinted or apply for the license yet. Will you accept the exam for longer than one year?

No. Exam results will still expire. Anyone with a passing exam that is about to expire needs to apply for the temporary license.

What if I need to get an adjuster license?

You can apply for an Emergency Adjuster License.

Do you accept electronic signatures? Can I email the specialty license application form (FIN514)?

No. A specialty license application is not available for online submission. You must mail the paper application for a specialty insurance license (Form FIN514) with the $50 filing fee.

I’m a non-resident. Can I still use the regular application?

Yes. The regular license application will still work for non-residents because we don’t require an exam or fingerprints for non-residents licensed in their resident state.

I’m moving to Texas and want to apply for a resident license by reciprocity. Should I apply for the temporary license or a regular license?

You should apply for the regular license after you obtain your fingerprint. We will mark the exam requirement as satisfied by reciprocity.

Temporary / emergency licenses

Can I get a temporary license for any type of insurance license?

No. Here are the license types that offer a temporary license.

Will the eight-day rule still apply for temporary applications?


Do I still need to fill out the FIN700 appointment form for a temporary license application?

Yes, unless you’re applying for an emergency adjuster license. For all other temporary licenses, you must scan and attach the Appointment certification (Form FIN700) to your online application. For an emergency adjuster application, you’ll include the sponsorship of a company, agency, or adjuster in the application.

I’d like a DHS adjuster license, should I apply for an emergency adjuster license or is there an emergency / temporary DHS adjuster license?

You should apply for the emergency adjuster license because there isn’t an option for an emergency or temporary DHS license.

Will temporary licenses be held up for CE deficiencies?

Temporary licenses themselves don’t have CE requirements. Any prior CE deficiencies from former permanent licenses will be handled as usual.

I’m the owner of an agency. Can I be my own sponsor for a new temporary license that adds to my lines of authority?

No. You should get the FIN700 appointment form from an appointing insurance company with the proper line of authority.

Does a temporary license sponsor have to put together online training courses and submit them to you for approval?

Sponsors don’t have to submit courses or training material for approval. There is an exception if we determine that a sponsor is abusing the temporary license process and we request a copy of their training program.

Are there classroom equivalent approved training courses they can use as a sponsor?

Because we don’t approve training courses for temporary licensees, sponsors should contact their appointing insurance companies for training material and resources.

Will a temporary license show up on a producer database (PDB) report?

Yes. Licenses we issue will feed into PDB and show up as temporary or permanent depending on the license issued.

Will TDI waive the appointment limit of 500 temporary licenses per company?

Yes, the limit is waived.

Are there any appointments that can’t be done through Sircon or NIPR and must be mailed in with the appointment fee?

Associations with an agency (subagents) can’t be done online and must be mailed with the payment. All other appointments should be done online with electronic payments.

How do the stay at home orders effect the use of business addresses for agents and agencies?

Your business address should stay as is unless you or your agency no longer conduct business at that address. If that location no longer exists, then you are required to provide a valid physical address within 30 days of your new location.

Last updated: 2/24/2021