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Product Evaluation - Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding
Manufacturer/Distributor Product(s) Report Number
Alside, Inc.  Vinyl Sliding Products EC-03 (PDF)
CertainTeed Corporation  Vinyl Siding Products EC-11 (PDF)
Exterior Portfolio LLC Vinyl Siding Products EC-66 (PDF) | Drawing | Drawing
Heartland Siding  Heartland Vinyl Siding Soffits EC-10 (PDF)
Kaycan, Ltd. Vinyl Siding Products EC-9 (PDF) | Drawing
Kaycan, Ltd. Vinyl Siding EC-102 (PDF)
Mitten Vinyl, Inc. Vinyl Siding Products EC-63 (PDF)
Norandex Building Materials Distributions Vinyl Siding Products EC-60 (PDF)
Norandex Building Materials Distributions Horizontal Vinyl Sliding Products EC-75 (PDF)
Ply Gem Siding Group  Vinyl Siding EC-27 (PDF)
Style Crest, Inc. Vinyl Siding EC-60 (PDF)
Style Crest, Inc. Vinyl Siding Products EC-60 (PDF)
The Tapco Group New Vinyl Siding EC-105 (PDF)
Variform, Inc. Vinyl Siding EC-07 (PDF)

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Last updated: 12/18/2017

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