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On February 12, 2010, TDI conducted a stakeholder meeting at the University of Texas for the purpose of soliciting input from appointed engineers in an effort to improve communication and process with TDI. After the meeting, the commissioner solicited additional input on specific items, including forensic inspections, to continue improvements with TDI's communication and processes with appointment engineers. TDI received several comments from appointed engineers indicating that forensic guidelines be established. Based on these recommendations, TDI formed a working group to develop guidelines on forensic inspections.

Agendas Location Meeting Minutes
October 7, 2010 Texas Department of Insurance, H1-Room 370, 333 Guadalupe, Austin, TX

If you are interested in providing comments regarding the forensic inspection process or suggestions for improving the forensic inspection process, please submit your comments to TDI's Engineering Services Program by clicking on Engineering@tdi.texas.gov. Please include in the subject line of the email the Working Group (Appointment, Forensic, or Oversight) you are providing comments.


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