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Engineering Services and Windstorm Inspections Program Newsletters

Date of Release Engineering Services Program Topic Windstorm Inspections Program Topic
June/July 2018 Termination of the Asphalt Shingle List Commencement of Construction Date and First Inspection Date
February/March 2018 Wind Speed Comparisons (ASCE 7-05 vs ASCE 7-10) Phone Menu Update
June/July 2017 Manufactured and Modular Homes Windstorm Zones
April/May 2017 Ongoing Improvements Vs. Completed Improvements and Upcoming Windstorm Inspection Orientation Webinars Submitting Inspection Verification Forms (WPI-2s)
February/March 2017 Complying with House Bill 2439 and Updates to the Texas Administrative Code System Function Reminders and the Commencement of Construction Date
October/November 2016 Updated Texas Administrative Code - Appointed Engineer Orientation Webinar Coming Soon Windstorm System Flags
April/May 2016 TDI Rule Update Relating to House Bill 2439 Open Records Process Change, WPI-1 Process Change (One Structure per Application)
February/March 2016 Verifying applications using the Windstorm System Determining a physical address
October/November 2015 TDI Windstorm System training webinars Making corrections using the Windstorm System
August/September 2015 Changes resulting from the 2015 Legislative Session Introducing the new Windstorm System and its benefits
April/May 2015 Storm Doors and Windows When to Submit an Application for Windstorm Inspection Certificate of Compliance (WPI-1)
February/March 2015 Wood Structural Panel Shutters - Attachment to a Residential Structure Procedures for Canceling an Application
December 2014/January 2015 Wood Structural Panel Shutters Documenting an Address: Physical versus Mailing
August/September 2014  Anchorage of Rooftop AC Units Submitting Open Records Requests

June/July 2014

Aluminum Screen Enclosures
* Educational information referenced in the article

Repairs vs. Alterations
April/May 2014 Garage and Large Window Framing Procedures for Documenting Alterations/Openings
February/March 2014 Achieved/Legacy Product Evaluation Reports Procedures for Making Corrections to Your Documentation

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Last updated: 7/6/2018