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  • Helpinsure - A free and secure service of the State of Texas to help Texans shop for homeowners insurance; help companies find commercial property insurance along the Texas coast; allow Texas homeowners to make their information available to carriers and allow insurance companies and agents to review that information and contact homeowners about their insurance needs.
  • TexasHealthOptions.com - A service of the State of Texas - with links to government and other Web sites to help Texans shop for health insurance, as well as compare costs and quality of health care.
  • HealthyTexasOnline.com - As funding becomes available, the Healthy Texas program provides a way for the state to share costs and allow small businesses to purchase affordable health plans for their employees. Currently, Healthy Texas has reached its limit and is not accepting new applicants. It operates like a private health plan, with private health insurance companies providing coverage and a state-funded pool reimbursing participating insurance carriers for some high-cost health care claims.
  • TexasSure - The vehicle insurance verification program (called TexasSure) came about when the Texas Legislature directed the Texas Departments of Insurance, Public Safety, Transportation, and Information Resources to develop a system to reduce the number of uninsured motorists. Working together, the agencies have compiled a database that connects every registered vehicle in the state by its license plate, vehicle identification number (VIN), and liability insurance policy. That means that law enforcement officers and tax assessor-collectors can immediately access the database and verify if you are driving without insurance.
  • TXComp - Division of Workers' Compensation - Verify an employer's workers' compensation coverage; locate an insurance carrier's contact information; report a work-related injury; sign up for access to the claim or coverage system; locate a workers' compensation claim with authorized access; locate a doctor approved to provide care for a work-related injury; and sign up as a health care provider in the workers' compensation system.
  • Exit Strategy - A State Fire Marshal's Office program urging Texans to always have two ways out of a room in case of a fire.

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