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Severe drought conditions can impact Texas workplaces in many ways. The availability of water may affect an employers ability to perform normal business functions and processes or provide drinking water for employees who are working in extreme heat. Drought conditions can also limit the ability of emergency personnel to fight wildfires and structure fires in or around places of business. In addition, wildlife converging on worksites in search of water could expose employees to unexpected hazards such as animal and insect bites and attacks.

To address unusual circumstances associated with drought conditions, employers should:

  • Evaluate personal protective equipment and hydration needs for employees who are exposed to heat and wildlife;
  • Insure you have an effective fire prevention plan that takes into account unusually dry, hot and windy conditions;
  • Contact your local emergency personnel/fire department for guidance;
  • Ensure your emergency action plan is updated and that all employees are aware of the contents of the plan; and
  • Monitor local surface water and public water system conditions.

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Last updated: 11/17/2015

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