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Advisory 97-10


The Executive Director, under the authority granted by the Texas Labor Code, Section 402.042 hereby adopts:

Form number TWCC-153 (Revised 12/97) for use before the Commission on or after March 1, 1998. The revised form and instructions for use of the new form are attached.

The revised form must be filed by eligible parties requesting copies of confidential claimant information from the Commission. The form is filed to obtain copies of the original claim file, the Hearings File, the Spinal Surgery File, the Medical Dispute File, or electronic contact data regarding these files. The revisions include: addition of a Medical Records request section which allows eligible parties to request a copy of Spinal Surgery Files, Medical Dispute Files, Medical Dispute Resolution Contact Data (electronic), or specific medical file documents; minor changes in wording and layout of the form; deletion of the Electronic Data block to make room for the Medical Records block (electronic data was consolidated with other areas of the form); and addition of a Health Care Provider who is a party to a Medical Dispute to the Requestor Eligibility and Notarization section.

Form TWCC-153 is to be printed as a 2-page form (form on front and back of first page and instructions on second page). Existing stocks of the previous version of the form may be used until February 28, 1998. The new form must be used on or after March 1, 1998 to support the request process for copies of Medical Records. Questions concerning the use of the new form should be directed to the telephone numbers provided on the form.

In accordance with the Texas Labor Code, confidential claimant information will not be provided to a person not authorized to receive the information directly from the Commission. Eligibility will be verified on all requestors prior to any information being released.

Adopted this 18th day of December, 1997.

Robert M. Marquette, Acting Executive Director