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Advisory 96-12


This Advisory is to bring your attention to the requirements of Commission Rule 147.11, which took effect February 2, 1996. When an agreement or settlement is reached after the issuance of an Appeals Panel decision or after the decision of a hearing officer becomes final, the rule requires an insurance carrier or its representative to file a copy of the agreement or settlement with the General Counsel of the Commission as follows:

1. at least 30 days prior to the earlier of :

a. the date the agreement or settlement is sent to parties for signature; or

b. the date the agreement or settlement is sent to a court for approval; AND

2. no later than 10 days after a court approves the agreement or settlement.

An insurance carrier and/or its representative found in violation of this rule is subject to an administrative penalty of up to $1,000 pursuant to the Texas Labor Code, Sec. 415.0035 or $10,000 pursuant to Texas Labor Code, Sec. 415.021 for repeated violations.

Signed July 18, 1996

Todd K. Brown, Executive Director