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Advisory 94-09

Guidelines for Legal Services Provided to Claimants and Carriers

Commission Rule 152.4 relating to "Guidelines for Legal Services Provided to Claimants and Carriers," provides for a maximum of 2.5 hours per month for communications with clients, health care providers and other persons involved in the case.

Effective September 1, 1994, attorneys requesting fees under this provision must use Category Code "CF," Client Conferences on the form DWC-152: "Application for Attorney Fees." All requests for fees submitted must be on the Commission approved form TWCC-152 (5/94). Any variation of the form must be approved by the Commission.

Implementation of our automated attorney fee processing system on September 1, 1994, will not accommodate consideration of line item text or billing statements in the review/approval process. If the services provided require additional detail or clarification to justify payment, that justification should be in the form of a summary paragraph titled "Justification Text" attached to the form TWCC-152.

Signed this 26 th day of August, 1994.

Todd K. Brown Executive Director


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