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Advisory 93-05

Electronic Submission of Medical Bills

Many insurance carriers have elected to provide the DWC-67 DWC-68 (UB-82) electronically through a servicing agent. This Advisory is not intended to discourage the use of servicing agents, only to emphasize the insurance carrier's responsibility as provided by Commission Rule 134.802. The filing requirement, as well as, any penalty or sanction associated with the submission will be the responsibility of the insurance company.

Each insurance carrier authorized to write workers' compensation insurance has been assigned a unique Master Business Identification (MBI) number by the Commission. An insurance carrier or servicing agent shall include the carrier's unique and correct MBI number on each tape. The tape must be clearly marked with a return address. The insurance carrier, identified by the MBI number, must be the carrier for the employer of the injured worker named on the medial bill. An insurance group must submit the proper MBI number for each insurance company that has coverage for the employer identified on the medical bill. Once an insurance carrier is approved for electronic submission, the carrier will not be required to stamp the MBI number on the paper copy of the bill.

The revised instructions for the TWCC-68 (UB-82), dated December 31, 1992, are required to be followed no later than April 15, 1993. A paper copy of the TWCC-68 (UB-82) should continue to be sent to the Commission until electronic submission is feasible using the proper instructions and the established Electronic Claims Submission edit criteria.

Please note the following change to TWCC Advisory 92-08 (attached): Once a carrier has been approved for electronic submission, the Commission will not require a carrier to retroactively electronically submit the TWCC-68 (UB-82)'s being held from January 1, 1993.

The Commission recommends the paper copy of each TWCC-67 (HCFA-1500) and TWCC-68 (UB-82) be maintained and available for at least 24 months after the bills are accepted electronically by the Commission. The bills will be made available, as determined by the Director of the Medical Review Division, for quality assurance reviews on a periodic basis.

A carrier or servicing agent upon authorization to submit the data electronically must acknowledge and agree to the terms established in this Advisory. The Notice of Authorization to submit data electronically will be issued by the Director of Records.

Signed this 30 th day of March, 1993.

Todd K. Brown
Executive Director


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