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Advisory 93-02

Request for Submission of TWCC-1 by Carrier

Some insurance carriers have asked if they can act as an agent for an employer, specifically for reporting workers' compensation injuries pursuant to Article 8303-5.05. They would prefer to have their policyholders report injuries to them by telephone and then submit a TWCC-1 to the Commission on behalf of the employer.

Article 8308-3.41(b)(3) appears to prohibit an employer from transferring the obligation to report injuries to the Commission under Article 8308-5.05. Because of this provision, an insurance carrier or other third party should not act as an agent for the employer for the purpose of completing and filing a TWCC-1. This current statutory requirement needs to be addressed by the Legislature. If the statute is revised, the Commission will move forward in allowing participants in the system to electronically submit forms and notices that the Act does not require to be mailed by certified or registered mail.

Signed this 26 th day of February, 1993.

Todd K. Brown
Executive Director


Austin Carrier Representatives
TWCC Staff
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