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Advisory 92-09B

Reimbursement for manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA) Chiropractic First Assistant

Manipulation of the spine under anesthesia, CPT code 22505, is a non-invasive procedure, but by individual facility protocol may require a chiropractic first assistant. When required by facility protocol, the chiropractic first assistant will be reimbursed as an assistant surgeon at 20% of the RVU, and modifier -80 must be indicated on the bill. In addition, the provider must adhere to all the requirements as specified for modifier -80 in the Medical Fee Guideline.

Questions on Reimbursement for MUA Chiropractic First Assistant shall be directed to the Providers Section of the Medical Review Division at (512) 448-7950.

Signed this 7 th day of January, 1993.

Todd K. Brown
Executive Director

Note: The previous Advisory contained the incorrect telephone number for the Medical Review Division. This Advisory contains the correct number.


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