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Advisory 92-08

Electronic Submission of TWCC-67 (HCFA-1500) and TWCC-68 (UB-82)

Commission Rule 134.802, Insurance Carrier's Submission of Medical Bills to the Commission, requires the electronic submission of the DWC-67 (HCFA-1500) and the DWC-68 (UB-82) by each carrier effective January 1, 1993. This will improve the integrity and efficiency of medical data base maintenance.

Not all carriers have receive the modified specifications to be able to complete programming requirements by January 1, 1993. Carriers or self-insureds to begin electronic submission on January 1, 1993 should advise, Bart Griffin the Director of Records, in writing by December 31, 1992, that additional time is needed to begin submitting the TWCC-67 (HCFA-1500) and the TWCC (UB-82) electronically.

The following procedures will apply:

a. The Commission will not accept the TWCC-67 (HVFA-1500) in paper form after December 31, 1992. All TWCC-67's (HCFA-1500) received after December 31, 1992 will be returned to the carrier through the designated Commission Representative.

b. The carrier will continue to file a paper copy of the TWCC-68 (UB-82) as well as maintain a copy of the documents for electronic submission to the Commission when it becomes available. Paper copies of the TWCC-68 (UB-82) sent to tohe Commission, will be securely batched with a cover sheet clearly marked "Pending ECS."

c. Once the carrier is prepared or has arranged for electronic submission, all forms including the TWCC-68 (UB-82) previously sent after December 31, 1992 to the Commission, will be submitted to the Commission on tape. At that time, the requirement to submit paper copies of the TWCC-68 (UB-82) will be discontinued.

d. Electronic submission of both TWCC-67 (HVFA-1500) and TWCC-68(UB-82) shall be arranged to begin no later than July 1, 1993, but, we encourage carriers to work diligently toward electronic submission of the bills at the earliest possible time.

e. Carriers already submitting the TWCC-67 (HCFA-1500) electronically shall continue to use the existing specifications until further notification.

f. Specifications for both the TWCC-67 (HCFA-1500) and TWCC-68 (UB-82) will be distributed under separate cover.

Any questions regarding this Advisory, please call Bart Griffin at (512) 440-3929.

Signed this 14 th day of December, 1992.

Todd K. Brown
Executive Director


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TWCC Staff
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