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Advisory 92-07

Modification of Commission Operations Concerning Delivery of Documents

Beginning November 30, 1992, all documents and notices required to be provided by the Texas Workers' Compensation Commission to insurance companies that provide workers' compensation coverage will be placed in the Carrier's Austin Commission Representative's Box on the first floor in the Central Office.

This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, documents such as Set Notices for Benefit Review Conferences and Contested Case Hearings and transmittal letters containing Benefit Review Conference Reports, Contested Case Hearing Decisions, and Appeals Panel Decisions. No additional copies of such documents will be mailed to Carrier's Representatives who have attended such proceedings.

All such documents will continue to be mailed to the Claimant, the Claimant's Representative, and the Employer as is appropriate. No additional copies of such documents will be mailed to Employer's Representatives who may have attended such proceedings.

This change in operations is in compliance with Article 8308-3.30, Vernon's Annotated Civil Statutes.

Signed this 3 rd day of November, 1992.

Todd K. Brown
Executive Director


Austin Carrier Representatives
TWCC Staff
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