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Advisory 92-06

Carrier's Master Business Identification Number on Medical Bills

The Texas Workers' Compensation Commission is updating its carrier requirements regarding the submission of medical bills in accordance with Rule 134.802. Effective November 1, 1992 each carrier shall stamp each medical bill submitted to TWCC with the carrier's 9-digit unique Master Business Identification (MBI) Number. The stamp must be 14 pitch and stamped in red ink.

The MBI number must be placed in block 57 on the UB-82 (for institutional services) and in the upper right hand corner of the HCFA 1500 (for professional services). Each carrier should place their stamped MBI number over any information that may have previously been required in the designed location of the stamp. This adjustment will increase the integrity of the billing database and enhance the Commission's ability to identify reimbursement trends of carriers to providers.

Your immediate attention and cooperation in the implementation of this Advisory is appreciated as these changes will benefit all parties in the workers' compensation system. Should you require any further assistance or have any questions contact the Medical Review Division at (512) 440-3513.

Signed this 9 th day of October, 1992.

Todd K. Brown
Acting Executive Director


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