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Advisory 92-02B

Administrative Violation Notices Issued to Insurance Carrier

Notices to insurance carriers of administrative violations will be issued pursuant to the following procedure. One the first and third business day of each week the Compliance and Practices Division will post a notice in Room 122 (adjuster's room) listing those carrier representatives who must sign for and receive notices of violation in Room 409. The weekly administrative violation report may contain one or more violations. An example of both the notice of weekly administrative violation and the administrative violation report is attached to this advisory for your information.

Insurance carriers must respond within 20 days of receipt as provided by Article 8308-10.32, Texas Workers' Compensation Act. A party may request a hearing by writing to the Hearings and Review Division or may consent to a penalty by making payment to Financial Management as indicated on the payment response portion of the Notice.

Questions on individual violations shall be directed to Compliance Review at (512) 448-7946.

Signed this 15 th day of April, 1992.

Todd K. Brown
Acting Executive Director

Distribution: Austin Carrier Representatives