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ADVISORY 2003-07

SUBJECT: Modified TWCC-32 - Request for Designated Doctor Form

Attached you will find a modified version of the TWCC-32 (revision date 3/03) which has been updated to expedite the process of designated doctor requests.

Because carriers are now allowed, through changes to the Act effective 01/02/02, early access to the designated doctor process, situations exist where the TWCC-32 may be the Commission's first notice of a claim. Consequently, a claim file may need to be created in order to process the request. To assist with the establishment of a new claim, blocks 1 and 1e have been modified to allow for the collection of the employee and employer addresses. Also, to assist with the providing of medical records from the treating doctor to the designated doctor, the treating doctor's license number will be requested in block 3a. Finally, the black shaded areas of page 2 have been removed in an attempt to diminish the use of toner in fax machines.

The Commission continues to monitor TWCC-32 submissions. System participants are reminded that it may be necessary to contact the treating doctor to ensure that accurate injury and treatment information is provided on the form.

The form is available on our website system participants are encouraged to begin using this revised form immediately. Its use will be mandatory for all requests filed with the Commission on or after July 1, 2003.

Signed on this 20th day of May, 2003

Richard F. Reynolds, Executive Director

TWCC Staff
Medical Professional Associations
Carrier Representatives
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TWCC Website

ATTACHED: TWCC-32, revision date 3/03 ( PDF document)