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ADVISORY 2003-04

PLEASE NOTE: Portions of this advisory may no longer apply as the Approved Doctor List (ADL) expired on September 1. 2007.

SUBJECT: Implementation of the TXCOMP Online Health Care Provider Management System

TXCOMP is the Texas Workers' Compensation Commission's new Internet based Automated System. The purpose of this advisory is to provide information about the online health care provider management system in TXCOMP.

The online health care provider management system is the first in a series of initiatives being implemented under the Commission's Business Process Improvement (BPI) Project. The TXCOMP website is designed to allow health care providers direct access to selected data in the Commission's database so providers can review and revise their contact, specialty, practice, licensure status, and financial disclosure information as needed. The TXCOMP website will facilitate improvements in the Commission's ability to effectively communicate with health care providers regarding the workers' compensation system. For example, the Commission will be able to send email notices about new rules, guidelines, or policies.

In order to access the TXCOMP website, providers will need to establish a User ID and a password. Once access is granted, providers will receive notice that their online accounts have been activated. Then providers can view, make corrections and updates to their information. This will ensure that the Commission and other system participants have quick access to the most current contact information. Therefore, it is important that health care providers apply for TXCOMP access as soon as possible and confirm that the Commission has correct contact information.

Although TXCOMP readily supports multiple addresses and phone numbers for system participants, one address will be designated as the "primary" location where correspondence from the Commission will be sent. When the TXCOMP website went online on January 27, 2003, data from the old Health Care Provider (HCP) management system was transferred to the new system and the address currently in the existing database was designated as the primary address. Providers will be able to change their "primary" address by logging onto the TXCOMP system.

Another feature of TXCOMP is that system participants will be able to find providers in a specific area by using a new "Locate Provider" function on the website. This will allow injured employees to find doctors by specialty or licensure if they need a specific type of provider for their claim. In addition, providers can use the searchable database of health care providers to find specialists on the Approved Doctor List for referrals.

The Commission will provide additional information regarding TXCOMP as specific capabilities are finalized and become available.

Signed on this 7th day of March, 2003

Richard F. Reynolds, Executive Director

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