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Advisory 2001-10

Employer's Wage Statement For School Districts - TWCC-3-SD Interim Form

House Bill 2600 (HB 2600) passed by the 77 th Texas Legislature made changes to the way the Average Weekly Wage (AWW) is calculated for employees who sustain an on-the-job injury or illness while working for school districts. The changes are effective for all employees of school districts who are injured on or after December 1, 2001.

For the payment of temporary income benefits (TIBs), the AWW for a school district employee is equal to the amount that would be deducted from an employee's salary if the employee were absent from work for one week and the employee did not have personal leave available to compensate the employee for lost wages for that week. This may include wages from other employers. For the payment of all other types of indemnity benefits, the AWW is calculated by dividing the total wages earned in the 12 months immediately preceding the date of injury by 50.

The Commission recently proposed rules to implement these changes; however, these rules will not be adopted for several months. In the meantime, school districts need a wage statement that enables them to report wages in a manner consistent with statutory requirements.

Attached is an interim version of the TWCC-3SD, Interim Wage Statement For School Districts. This form was designed to match proposed rules, but because the rules are not adopted yet, it is an interim form to be used only until final rules are adopted. At that time, the Commission will revise this form, if necessary, to make it consistent with the adopted rules and will notify system participants of any changes by Advisory and the agency's website.

Signed this 30 th day of November, 2001

Richard F. Reynolds, Executive Director

TWCC Staff
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