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Advisory 2001-06

House Bill 2600 Provisions That Became Effective June 17, 2001

Article 6 - Allows insurance carriers to contract with a separate entity for payment of medical services.

Article 9 - Provides that employees with third degree burns covering over 40 percent of the body and requiring grafting, or third degree burns covering the majority of both hands or one hand and the face are eligible for Lifetime Income Benefits. (Effective for a compensable injury that occurs on or after 6/17/01.)

Article 11 - Requires insurance carriers at contested case hearings to file a document with the carrier's true corporate name and the name and address of carrier's registered agent for service of process, and requires Appeals Panel to include the same information in all final decisions.

Article 12 - Provides that Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not included in the computation of time relating to when an appeal and response to the Appeals Panel must be filed.

Article 13 - Requires the Commission to conduct a study of the implementation and development of drug-free workplace policies.

Article 15 - Requires the Commission to use the treasury constant maturity rate for one-year treasury bills as published by the Federal Reserve Board for the computation of interest and discount rates.

Article 16 - Prohibits the waiver of an employee's cause of action against a non-subscribing employer before the employee's injury or death.

Signed this 18th day of July, 2001

Virginia A. May, Acting Executive Director

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