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Texas Monitor, 1:1

Texas Monitor, 1:1 (Spring 1996)


This issue focuses on workers' co compensation claim data in tables that accurately portray changes over time in the number of total, indemnity and reportable claims occurring within the Texas workers' compensation system. 1

Figure 1

Figure 3

Negotiated Insurance Deductibles: Effect on WC Claim Rates and Cost

Among the numerous workplace safety incentives in the workers' compensation (WC) system, loss-sensitive insurance arrangements (i.e., policies with deductibles, retrospectively rated policies) theoretically offer employers the greatest direct benefit from investing in injury prevention and improved claims management strategies.

Insurance deductibles became effective in Texas on January 1, 1992, with two deductible programs in place: small (promulgated) deductibles and large (negotiated) deductibles. This analysis focuses on the association between negotiated WC insurance deductibles and changes in claim rates and per-claim incurred losses.19" name="B19"

Figure 4


During the 1995 legislative session, the Texas Workers' Compensation Research Center was merged with the Legislative Oversight Committee on Workers' Compensation to form a new state agency called the Research and Oversight Council on Workers' Compensation. The new entity has a nine member board comprised of three members of the Texas Senate, three members of the Texas House of Representatives, one employee and one employer commissioner from the Texas Workers' Compensation Commission, and a representative from the Texas Department of Insurance. These changes became effective on August 30, 1995. Therefore, some of the citations in this report will reference the Texas Workers' Compensation Research Center as the data source, and others will reference the Research and Oversight Council on Workers' Compensation.


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