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October 06, 2015

SFMO Arson Lab Receives International Accreditation

The American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board has granted international accreditation to the forensic arson laboratory at the Texas State Fire Marshal’s Office. The recognition follows a thorough review of the lab’s technical and management performance.

“This is a huge accomplishment, and I greatly appreciate the efforts of our staff to achieve this accreditation,” said Fire Marshal Chris Connealy. “The lab staff worked as a team to get this done.”

The arson lab provides analyses of arson debris for ignitable liquids used to accelerate a fire. These services are provided at no charge to the fire service and other law enforcement agencies in Texas. The laboratory is directed by Ernest McCloud, and staff who participated in the accreditation effort included Emerald Nazareno, Eric Steinberg, Bobbi Johnson, and Lance Nguyen.

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Last updated: 10/06/2015

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