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January 29, 2012

TDI Announces November Enforcement Actions

AUSTIN - The Texas Department of Insurance today announced enforcement actions that became final during November 2011.

The actions include three insurance agent license revocations, one license denial and fines and restitution totaling $250,767. Violations of the Texas Insurance Code cited in the license revocation orders included misappropriation or conversion of money belonging to an insurer or insured, unauthorized insurance and materially misrepresenting terms and conditions of an insurance policy.

Copies of Commissioner's Orders may be obtained by contacting TDI's Public Information Office.

An order imposing disciplinary measures becomes final 20 days after the agent or insurance company has received notice of the order unless a motion for rehearing is filed within that period. A motion for rehearing stays the finality of an order until the Commissioner of Insurance acts upon the motion or upon the operation of law. Commissioner's orders are subject to appeal to state district court.

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