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Company Licensing and Registration

This office is tasked with licensing and registering insurance companies, and other ancillary operations for both the admitted/authorized market and the registered/non-admitted. Prior to granting authority, the office collaborates with all areas of the department who may have relative information on companies, including checking past company activities and personnel, soliciting input about the products the company is proposing to offer, and sharing information regarding the applicant company's business model. Additionally, this office serves as case manager, not only for licensing and registering activities, but corporate transactions such as mergers, redomestications, etc. This office performs many related functions, such as determining eligibility of surplus lines carriers, registering foreign risk retention groups, accredited / trusteed reinsurers and purchasing groups, licensing life settlements, third party administrators, and premium finance companies. The office maintains biographical information on officers and directors of licensed companies, manages required statutory deposits, and serves as the custodian of official company records.

***NOTICE*** Company Licensing and Registration is now accepting electronic filings. All UCAA filings can be submitted electronically through the NAIC UCAA Website. Non-UCAA filings can be submitted in PDF format to CLRFilings@tdi.texas.gov. All fees and payments associated with the filings will need to be mailed to the Texas Department of Insurance; mailing address below. A cover letter and the Fee Transmittal Form (FIN321) should be sent with the fees and payments. For further instructions see Electronic Filing Guidelines.

Authorized and admitted

These insurers represent the standard market. The Company Licensing and Registration Office incorporates and licenses domestic authorized carriers, and admits foreign insurers, licensing them to operate in the Texas standard admitted market. This office also reviews and approves other related transactions that impact the charter and/or license of domestic insurers and the license of foreign insurers. Although not all-inclusive, this Office handles the transactions below which are among the mainstream operations that bear risk or provide related services.

Registered and non-admitted companies

Surplus lines insurers represent the non-standard market. When the same kind and class of coverage cannot be placed in the admitted market with a licensed insurer after a diligent search by a licensed surplus lines agent, it can be placed in the non-admitted market with a surplus lines insurer. Due to market availability issues, unique risks or limits which exceed what is available in the admitted market, surplus lines insurance is sometimes available. However, there is limited financial oversight required of these companies in accordance with the Federal Non-Admitted Reinsurance Reform Act (NRRA). Although the capitalization levels required for surplus lines insurers, both foreign and alien, are often much higher than the admitted insurers, the regulations are much more restricted.

Other registered companies include Foreign Risk Retention Groups, Accredited / Trusteed Reinsurers and Purchasing Groups. Additionally, Life Settlements, while considered non-admitted, are not in fact insurance companies, but are licensed by the department due to the unique nature of the initial sale of a life insurance policy to a third party. Review the sections below for more information and required filings and forms.

Insurers wishing to update Officers and Directors

Fingerprint requirements and related information

The fingerprint requirement is authorized in Texas Insurance Code §801.056 and amended 28 TAC §1.501 and §§1.503 - 1.509. The complete text of the rule may be accessed at http://www.tdi.texas.gov/rules/2006/1003e-059.html.

Fingerprint Fee and Schedules
Please see information/ instructions below. FAST Pass Form (for electronic fingerprint appointment) | Fingerprint Card Scan Authorization Form

The Texas Department of Insurance strongly encourages all Applicants to utilize electronic fingerprinting through approved vendors as authorized under the rule. Electronic fingerprinting is fast and accurate, and in most cases will avoid potential delays in the processing of your submission.

Electronic Fingerprinting

The general process for electronic fingerprinting is:

  1. Print and complete the FAST Pass form from TDI's website, FAST Pass Form (for electronic fingerprint appointment). You will need information from the FAST Pass form to make your electronic fingerprint appointment.
  2. Schedule an appointment to be electronically fingerprinted. You must schedule a fingerprint appointment by visiting www.identogo.com (IdentoGO Centers By MorphoTrust USA, formally known as L-1 Enrollment) or by calling 1-888-467-2080. Pursuant to DPS requirements on the vendor, you will be photographed as part of the fingerprint process. You must pay the fee to the vendor in a manner that is acceptable to the vendor. All electronic fingerprint appointments must be made by DPS' vendor. The vendor has 90+ Texas fingerprint locations. See the FAST Pass form for complete instructions to obtain an electronic fingerprint appointment.
  3. Arrive at your scheduled appointment with your FAST Pass. After your fingerprints and photograph are taken, the technician will give you a receipt stating that you were fingerprinted. Do not throw away the receipt. You will not get a printed fingerprint card. Your fingerprints will be sent electronically to DPS and the FBI.
  4. Attach a copy of the fingerprint receipt to your affiliated insurance company's application. A FAST Pass receipt must be attached to the application for each person required to provide fingerprints. Keep the original FAST Pass receipt for your records.

Exception to Electronic Fingerprinting:

When electronic fingerprinting is not available, the following process must be followed. Note that TDI does not accept fingerprint cards. Any fingerprint cards received by TDI, will be returned to sender, at sender's expense.

  1. Print and complete the FAST Fingerprint Card Scan Authorization Form from TDI's website. ALL information requested on the FAST Fingerprint Card Scan Authorization Form MUST be provided. That includes sex, race, date and place of birth, home address, etc. If the required information is not provided, the fingerprint card cannot be processed.
  2. Get fingerprinted by a criminal law enforcement agency on an original APPLICANT fingerprint card that includes Texas Department of Insurance ORI TX920540Z. ALL requested information must be provided on the fingerprint card and you and the official taking the fingerprints must sign the card. Blank cards may be obtained from TDI by calling 512-676-6500 or e-mail request to License@tdi.texas.gov. All fingerprints MUST be captured by a law enforcement agency.
  3. Make check for $41.45 payable to vendor, MorphoTrust USA.
  4. Mail the completed Fingerprint Card Scan Authorization Form, original fingerprint card and check to: MorphoTrust USA, Attn: Texas Card Scan, 3051 Hollis Drive, Suite 310, Springfield, IL 62704
  5. Wait for a FAST receipt from MorphoTrust. The receipt should be mailed to the applicant's home address. If the applicant hasn't received the receipt within a month, please contact MorphoTrust USA at 1-888-467-2080 to receive a faxed copy. The FAST receipt must be attached to the TDI filing. The FAST receipt allows TDI to locate criminal history information.

Fingerprints provided for this application shall be used to check criminal history records of the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in accordance with applicable statutes.

TDI cannot complete processing an application until it receives a criminal history report from DPS and FBI for insurance company officers and directors required to provide fingerprints.

Related Archived Bulletins regarding Fingerprints:

Commissioner's Bulletin B-0043-07, re: Fingerprinting and Electronic Procedures (effective Oct 22, 2007)
Commissioner's Bulletin B-0045-06, re: Fingerprint fee and Electronic Procedures (effective Jan 1, 2007)

Inquiries and Mailings

Direct Inquiries to:
Licensing Services Section -- Toll Free Number (866) 554-4926 or (512) 676-6400
Authorized / Admitted Market -- (512) 676-6375 or CompanyLicense@tdi.texas.gov
Registered and Non-Admitted -- (512) 676-6395 or RegistrationTeam@tdi.texas.gov 
Statutory Deposits --(512) 676-6375 or SDFilings@tdi.texas.gov
Third Party Administrators -- (512) 676-6375 or TPA@tdi.texas.gov
Premium Finance -- (512) 676-6375 or PremiumFinance@tdi.texas.gov
Open Records Requests - (512) 676-6375 or CLROpenRecords@tdi.texas.gov
FAX: (512) 490-1035

Mailing Addresses:
Texas Department of Insurance
Company Licensing and Registration, MC 305-2C (if mailing money use MC9999)
P.O. Box 149104
Austin, Texas 78714-9104


Texas Department of Insurance
Company Licensing and Registration, MC 305-2C (if mailing money use MC9999)
333 Guadalupe
Austin, Texas 78701

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