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Domestic Companies

The Company Licensing and Registration office is responsible for incorporating and licensing Texas domestic insurers. This page has been created as a resource for Texas domestic insurance companies, not including HMOs. For more information regarding HMOs, please visit our HMO page.

For instructions on how to download a list of companies licensed by the Company Licensing and Registration office, refer to "Download Company List Instructions."



Add/Delete Lines of Business

Add Variable Annuity

  • TDI form FIN338 (Checklist for Adding Variable Annuity Authority), can be obtained by calling (512) 676-6385.
  • NAIC UCAA, Form 3 (Expansion Application, Lines of Business)
  • NAIC UCAA, Form 8 C (Questionnaire for Adding or Deleting Lines of Business from Certificate of Authority)

Add Variable Life

  • TDI form FIN339 (Checklist for Adding Variable Life Authority), can be obtained by calling (512) 676-6385.
  • NAIC UCAA, Form 3 (Expansion Application, Lines of Business)
  • NAIC UCAA, Form 8 C (Questionnaire for Adding or Deleting Lines of Business from Certificate of Authority)


Also known as Consent for Service of Process. This is only required for domestic insurers moving books and records out of state or proposing to redomesticate out of state.


File amended By-Laws with the Company Licensing and Registration Office when changes occur to By-laws for the domestic companies listed below. Include the full text of the By-Laws (including amendments), certified by the corporate secretary. No fees are required, except for Health Maintenance Organizations.

  • County Mutuals
  • Fraternal Benefit Societies
  • Health Maintenance Organizations ($50 Fee)
  • Joint Underwriting Associations
  • Local Mutual Aid Companies
  • Local Mutual Burial Companies
  • Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements
  • Workers’ Compensation Self Insurance Groups

Capital/Shares Certificate

Requires filing of Board of Director's resolution setting forth the total number of shares issued and total consideration received for those shares. Submit the resolution no later than 90 days after the date of the issuance of shares. This does not require a charter amendment filing or fee.

Charter Amendment

These amendments include name changes, home office changes and changes to authorized share and/or par value, which will require issuance of an amended license.

  • TDI form FIN332 (Charter Amendment Instructions and Form)
  • NAIC UCAA Corporate amendments application Form 1C, Form 2C, and Form 15(if applicable)
  • TDI form FIN300 (Name Application form)
  • TDI will not issue a "replacement" Certificate of Authority. If your company has lost its original Certificate of Authority, use NAIC UCAA, Form 15 (Affidavit of Lost Certificate of Authority) in conjunction with a required filing.
  • TDI form LAH302 (Form Filing Checklist) for insurers who write accident and health coverage in Texas.
  • If your company has an 803 application (Books and Records) on file and are in the process of submitting an application to change its Service of Process, home office or mailing address, you will need to first file an amended 803 application with TDI's Financial Analysis Section.

Incorporation and Licensing of Texas Domestic Insurers

Merger Involving at Least One Texas Insurer

Officers and Directors

Domestic insurers are required to submit Biographical Affidavits and fingerprint receipts for all directors and only the following officers: CEO, President, Executive Director, Secretary, Treasurer, CFO/Controller, COO and Medical Director (if applicable). We DO NOT require biographical affidavits for Vice Presidents or Assistant-officers. Documentation must be submitted with Admissions application, and when changes occur.

Disciplinary Actions Taken in Other States

When a company's license is suspended or revoked by another regulatory authority, submit notification to the Company Licensing and Registration Office.

See Texas Insurance Code Sec 81.003(b) which requires delivery of a copy of any applicable order or judgment to the commissioner not later than the 30th day. Submit a copy of the action, executed by regulatory authority and company.

Redomestication from Another State to Texas

Resume Writing Lines

  • TDI form FIN350 (Checklist for companies re-entering the Texas insurance market, subsequent to an orderly withdrawal)

Total and Partial Assumption Reinsurance Agreements

  • TDI form FIN345 (Checklist for Total and Partial Assumption Reinsurance Agreements involving at least one Texas Domestic Insurance Company)
  • TDI form LAH302 (Form Filing Checklist) for insurers who write accident and health coverage in Texas.

Voluntary Dissolution

Withdrawal Guidelines


Send Filing Fees to the Company Licensing and Registration Office

To ensure that your check is properly accounted for, send the Company Licensing Fee Transmittal Form (FIN321) and your cover letter, with the filing fee attached to: Company Licensing and Registration, MC 9999; 333 Guadalupe Street; Austin, TX 78701. Be sure that your check can be easily seen by our Mail Center staff. Send your filing to Company Licensing and Registration via email at CLRFilings@tdi.texas.gov. Please call us at (512) 676-6375 if you have any questions about your filings.

Request Certificates of Compliance

Request Certificates of Compliance by submitting TDI form FIN321 to CLRRequests@tdi.texas.gov.

Other Transactions for Texas Domestic Insurers Handled by TDI's Financial Analysis Section

The following transactions are handled by the Financial Analysis Section. Direct all inquiries and submit filings to FATransactions@tdi.texas.gov. Failure to do so will result in delays.

  • Moving Books and Records out of Texas (TIC 804.102)
  • Form A (acquisitions)
  • Form B (registration statement)
  • Form C (summary of material changes to registration statement)
  • Form D (prior notice of a transaction)
  • Form E (notice of ordinary and extraordinary dividends and other distributions)
  • Form F (enterprise risk report)

You may wish to refer to the Holding Company web page.

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