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The “Company Document Submission Portal” is now available to upload the annual report filing and financials. See Tips for portal filing of TPA Annual Report.

Visit the Address Change Portal and use the drop-down to change or update your PIN contact information and well as your TPA mailing address, using the license number or NAIC number and the PIN previously provided. If you do not have the PIN, enter the license number and click the NEED PIN link and contact the person displayed.


Generally, an "administrator" is a person who, in connection with annuities or life benefits, health benefits, accident benefits, pharmacy benefits, or workers' compensation benefits, collects premiums or contributions from or adjusts or settles claims for residents of this state.

Statute and rules

The TPA statute is found in Texas Insurance Code (TIC) Chapter 4151 and is available for viewing and printing at Texas Insurance Code. The TPA rules are available for viewing and printing at Texas Administrative Code, 28 TAC §§ 7.1601-7.1618.

These rules establish the licensing, contracting, auditing, reporting, and other requirements for all administrators, including administrators with delegated duties in the workers' compensation system.

Although we make every attempt to insure the currency of the code references on this page, they should be used only as guides. The TIC reflects changes a few months after a legislative session and the TAC is subject to change as needed.

Annual Reporting

March 1st - Due date for the Texas Annual Insurance Maintenance, Assessment and Retaliatory Report (Maintenance Tax Form) filed with the Texas Comptroller's Office. Webfile or electronic filing is available on the Texas Comptroller's website.  Late filings incur penalties and interest.

Maintenance tax fees and reporting should include all workers' compensation fees. Hyperlinks to the instructions and tax rates are on the form.  Line 12 is the only line applicable to TPAs. NOTE:  There is no annual statement fee for TPAs (Line Item 23).  The fee referred to in the instructions of the tax form is the $200.00 annual report filing fee that is sent to TDI.

June 30th - Due date for the TPA annual report (see Texas Insurance Code §4151.205, and 28 Texas Administrative Code §7.1609). Since this is a statutory deadline there are no provisions for an extension. Please mark your calendar as you may not receive any other notice. Review our Instructions for Filing the Third-Party Administrators (TPA) Annual Report, FIN500.  Upload the following:

For TPAs (not insurers)


For TPAs (that are insurers)

TPA Annual report filing fee

  • Download the TPA Check Transmittal Form, FIN503;
  • Complete the form and send with your check in the amount of $200.00 to the address on the form

TPA Forms

All TPA-related forms are available on the TDI Forms Page. These forms are legal documents and should not be edited. For your convenience most of the forms on the Forms Page are in an interactive .pdf format.

List of TPAs licensed in Texas

You may download a list of all currently licensed TPAs in .csv file format (TPAs are listed under "Regulated Companies")

Inquiries and Mailings

Direct Inquiries to:

Phone:  (512) 676-6375

Email:    CompanyLicense@tdi.texas.gov

Fax:      (512) 490-1035


Mailing Addresses

Company Licensing and Registration, MC 103-CL (if mailing money use MC 9999)
Texas Department of Insurance
P.O. Box 149104
Austin, Texas 78714-9104

Or for overnight delivery

Company Licensing and Registration, MC 103-CL (if mailing money use MC 9999)
Texas Department of Insurance
333 Guadalupe
Austin, Texas 78701

For more information contact:

Last updated: 09/12/2016

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Translation by WorldLingo