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Temporary 90-Day Licenses - Funeral Pre-arrangement Life, Life Insurance Not Exceeding $25K, County Mutual

Exam Requirement No
License Application Fee $150
Required Application Form Individual Application TDI Form Number FIN506
Application Forwarding Texas Department of Insurance
Appointment Requirement Yes - Temporary licensees must have one sponsoring licensed insurance company / agency / agent.
Multiple Appointments No
License Renewal * A temporary license may not be issued to or renewed by the same person more than once in a consecutive six-month period beginning at the expiration / cancellation date of the temporary license.
Late Fee N/A
Prerequisite / Training 40 hour pre-licensing education no later than the 14th day after the date of the application, non refundable fee, and certificate are delivered or mailed to the department - TIC § 4001.160 (a) .
Statutory Authority TIC § 4001.151 - § 4001.152 - § 4001.153
Continuing Education No

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Last updated: 09/06/2014

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