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Specialty - Travel

Issued to a travel agency, the franchisee of a travel agency, or public carrier to sell accident and health insurance, insurance that provides coverage for traveler expenses due to trip cancellation or interruption of a planned trip, personal effects insurance, life insurance; and any other insurance in connection with the transportation or accommodations arranged through a travel agency.

Number of Licenses as of 8/31/16 1,878
Exam Requirement No
Exam Exemptions N/A
Exam Series & Fee N/A
License Fee $50
Continuing Education No
Renewal Fee $50
Late Fee $25
Prerequisite / Training Each individual that will act as an agent under the specialty insurance license must successfully complete an approved training program before selling any insurance. The licensee must train its employees who actually will be offering insurance in connection with an associated consumer transaction.
Statutory Authority TIC 4055.151 | TAC 19.1901 - 19.1910
Reciprocal Yes
Temporary License No

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Last updated: 10/11/2016

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