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Reinsurance /Manager

Reinsurance Manager - A person who has authority to bind reinsurance or who manages all or part of the reinsurance business of an insurer, including the management of a separate division, department, or underwriting office, and who acts as an agent for that insurer.

Number of Licenses as of 8/31/15 137
Exam Requirement No
Exam Exemptions N/A
Exam Code & Fee N/A
License Fee $500
Continuing Education None
Renewal Fee $500
Late Fee $250
Prerequisite / Training Over 3 years experience in insurance or reinsurance.
Statutory Authority TIC § 4152.001 / TAC 19.1401 - 19.1407
Reciprocal Yes
Temporary License No

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Last updated: 05/26/2016

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Translation by WorldLingo

Translation by WorldLingo