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Navigator Registration Information

The Agent and Adjuster Licensing Office is responsible for overseeing the registration of navigator entities and individual navigators.  In accord with Senate Bill 1795, passed during the 83rd Texas Legislature, the commissioner set standards by rule ensuring that navigators are qualified to perform their duties. 

All navigator forms have been updated to improve the application process.  The registration forms are available on our forms page at http://www.tdi.texas.gov/forms/form11.html#navigator.  Note that renewal forms are available for current navigator individuals, entities and designated responsible party/persons.  The renewal forms are streamlined so that applicants will not need to re-submit some items.  The forms must be completed using Adobe Acrobat® Reader, version 9.0 or later.

An individual navigator is defined as an individual performing the activities and duties of a navigator as described by Insurance Code Chapter 4154, 42 USC §18031(i), or any regulation enacted under 42 USC  §18031(i).  A navigator entity is defined as an entity performing or overseeing an individual’s performance of the activities and duties of a navigator as described by Insurance Code Chapter 4154, 42 USC §18031(i), or any regulation enacted under 42 USC §18031(i).

The commissioner adopted rules related to the regulation of navigators for health benefit exchanges on January 21, 2014.  The adopted rules are located on TDI's website at http://www.tdi.texas.gov/rules/2013/documents/navadoptionorder.pdf

A Navigator Lookup is available at https://apps.tdi.state.tx.us/sfsdatalookup/StartAction.do.  There are three navigator registration reports, each returning current registration information for individual navigators and navigator entities in a .CSV (comma separated values) downloadable file.  The information in the reports is updated every two hours.

  • Registered Navigator Entity Report returns a list of all currently registered navigator entities.
  • Registered Navigator Individuals Report returns a list of all currently registered navigator individuals.
  • Registered Navigator Entity Report (including Registered Navigator Individuals) returns a list of all currently registered navigator entities and all currently registered navigator individuals. 

Individual Navigators can verify that all Texas Continuing Education credit is current and has been posted to their Sircon CE transcript.  Transcripts may be viewed at http://www.sircon.com/resource/layout.jsp?page=texasLps&type=texas
                                                 Step-By-Step Instructions:
1.  Click on "Look up education courses/credits" located in the left-hand menu options
2.  Click on the "Pre-licensing Education Transcript Inquiry" link
3.  Select "Texas" from drop down menu
4.  Enter Navigator's Social Security Number, Last Name, and Date of Birth
5.  Click "Submit" 

How to Submit Registration Applications, including Required Forms   

For NEW applicants, forms to use as are follows:

Individual Navigators

Navigator Entities

For Individuals and Entities Who Are RENEWING, streamlined forms are to be used as follows:

Individual Navigators

Navigator Entities

Submit forms by mail or fax.

Mail applications to:   Agent and Adjuster Licensing Office, MC 107-1A
                                   Attention:  Applications Program
                                   P.O. Box 149104, Austin, TX  78714-9104 or
                                   333 Guadalupe Street, Austin, TX  78701

Fax applications to toll-free line:  (844) 381-7321 

Fingerprinting Process   

The Texas Department of Insurance strongly encourages applicants to utilize electronic fingerprinting through approved vendors as authorized under the rule. Electronic fingerprinting is fast and accurate, and in most cases will avoid potential delays in the processing of your submission. Fingerprint cards are not accepted by TDI.  Fingerprint Requirements and Instructions are located on our website.


How to Become an Approved Course Provider   

Any entity wishing to become an approved course provider must complete the Application for CE Provider Registration form, TDI Form LHL212.  Submit completed form and $50 application fee as stated on the form.

Certifying Preregistration Courses    

An approved course provider must complete the Application for Course Certification form, TDI Form LHL213.  There is no fee associated with the preregistration course certification. 

Approved Course Providers    

Provider Name:  A D Banker & Company, LLC
Course Name:  Texas Navigator Certification Training
Course ID:  95981
Contact:  Customer Service
Phone Number:  800-866-2468
Web Address:  http://www.adbanker.com/pre-licensing.aspx#.TX.NV.0.Dallas 

Provider Name:  Texas Legal Services Center (DBA:  TLSC)*
Course Name:  Texas Legal Services Center Navigator Training
Course ID:  95847
Contact Person:  Bruce P Bower
Phone Number:  512-637-5417
Web Address:  WWW.TLSC.ORG
Email Address:  BBOWER@TLSC.ORG

*TLSC only offers training to navigator entities that are registered with the department.


For more information contact (512) 322-3503.

For more information contact:

Last updated: 09/05/2014

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Translation by WorldLingo