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Continuing Education Courtesy Notices

The Agent and Adjuster Licensing Office has enhanced its efforts to assist agents with meeting their required continuing education (CE) obligations under Texas Insurance Code Chapter 4004. As a courtesy to our licensees, postcard notifications are mailed to licensees prior to their renewal deadline, to remind each licensee that they may have additional CE hours to complete. Notices are mailed to the licensee's last known mailing address.

License holders are encouraged to verify that all Texas CE credit is current and has been posted to their Sircon CE transcript. Transcripts can be viewed at www.Sircon.com/Texas by clicking on "Look up Education Courses/Credits" in the left-hand menu and then clicking on "Continuing Education Transcript Inquiry".

Licensees who have completed certified CE courses that have not been posted to their CE transcript are encouraged to contact their CE course provider and request that the CE credit be posted. If after 30 days, the credit is still not posted, e-mail a copy of the certificate of completion with a brief explanation to CE@tdi.texas.gov or fax to 512-490-1054.

If additional qualifying CE credit has been earned (for example, by passing a National Designation exam) licensees should submit the Licensee Request for Banking of Texas Qualifying Continuing Education Credit form (FIN522). This form provides instructions on how to request that this type of credit be posted to the licensee's CE transcript. Be sure to include the required documentation with the request form. For further clarification of the types of courses that can be claimed for qualifying credit, refer to the department's Continuing Education Information for Agents and Adjusters page.

Licensees who have been continuously licensed by the department for at least 20 years may apply for a permanent exemption from CE by submitting the Application for Licensee Exemption or Extension form (FIN517) or through the www.Sircon.com/Texas website, click the "Request CE Exemption" tab on the left-hand menu. A request for a duplicate exemption letter can be made by sending an open records request. Learn how by visiting our How to Request Information page.

Any licensee who has changed their status from a non-resident to a Texas resident licensee is immediately subject to the CE requirements set forth in 28 TAC 19, Subchapter K. These licensees are subject to a prorated CE schedule, as required in 28 TAC §19.1003(e). If a licensee's CE transcript does not reflect the correct number of hours under "Required Hours" for that licensing period, the licensee should send an e-mail to CE@tdi.texas.gov, with the words "Prorated CE" in the subject line in order to make a correction.

Pursuant to 28 TAC §19.1016, the automatic fine for failure to obtain the required number of CE hours is $50.00 per credit hour not completed.

If a licensee surrenders their license or does not renew it, that licensee can no longer perform the acts authorized by the license. As part of the cancellation and non-renewal process, the department cancels all related appointments and any associated insurers are notified. The cancellation or failure to renew does not remove any CE violations; any violation remains associated with the licensee's record.

If you have questions regarding the courtesy notice mailed to you, or if you have questions or comments about this page, please direct them to the Agent and Adjuster Licensing Office’s Continuing Education Program via e-mail at CE@tdi.texas.gov or by phone at 512-676-6500, option 3.

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Last updated: 11/03/2017

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