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NOTE:  The Exam vendor has changed effective September 1, 2012.  The new vendor is Pearson VUE, see the Links below to view their website & for testing information.


   How do I apply for an agent's license?

Refer to the License Types Information and Descriptions chart to determine whether a state-administered exam is required, if you must take a company-administered exam, or if you are exempt from taking any exam.

If a state examination IS required:

  • Candidates should review the  Candidate Handbook from Pearson VUE, our testing vendor. It contains exam content outlines, important information regarding eligibility, and details the exam process and the licensing application process;
  • contact Pearson VUE to make an exam reservation;
  • appear at the assessment center the day examination is scheduled;
  • submit a Pearson VUE license application to Pearson VUE;
  • For the Pearson VUE forms and contact information, click here, or call their toll free number (888) 754-7667.

If a state examination is NOT required:

If a company-administered examination is required (Pre-need, county mutual, and life not exceeding $25,000):

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   How do I apply for a temporary agent's license?

General Lines-Life, Accident & Health, General Lines-Property & Casualty and Limited Lines applicants submit to Pearson VUE, our testing vendor:

County Mutual, Life Insurance Not Exceeding $25K, and Funeral Pre-Need submit to TDI:

A Notice of Appointment is needed at time of application for a temporary license from:

  • the authorized appointing official of an insurance company, or
  • the executive officer or partner of a sponsoring agency, or
  • the sponsoring individual agent

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   How do I apply for a resident adjuster's license?

Refer to the License Type and Descriptions chart to determine whether you may qualify for exemption from the exam.

Adjusters may qualify for a license in one of two ways, if not exempt:

A.  By successfully completing a TDI certified course and approved final examination. Students who meet the course requirements and pass the comprehensive test at the end of the course are issued a certificate of completion that is good for one year.
View a list of approved Adjuster Licensing Providers
Once you have completed the course, submit to TDI:

B.  By passing the Pearson VUE exam.

  • Candidates should review the Candidate Handbook from Pearson VUE, our testing vendor.  It contains exam content outlines, important information regarding eligibility, and details the exam process and the licensing application process;
  • contact Pearson VUE to make an exam reservation;
  • appear at the assessment center the day examination is scheduled;
  • submit a Pearson VUE license application to Pearson VUE;
  • For the Pearson VUE forms and contact information, click here,   or call 888.754.7667.

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   May I send a completed license application by fax?

No.  Faxed applications are not acceptable

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   Where may I find licensing forms?

License Applications, the FASTPASS / Fingerprint Card Scan Authorization form required for fingerprinting, and other forms are available for download at the TDI Forms page.

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   How do I apply for a Texas non-resident license?

Non-residents may apply by reciprocity and are exempt from the fingerprint requirement. Non-residents may apply to TDI by submitting:

A non-resident may also apply online (Electronic Non-resident Licensing).

Non-resident applicants who do not hold a current license in good standing in their state of residence must, through the law enforcement agency of that state, submit a copy of their criminal history records along with a completed license application and fees.  If the resident state will not provide a criminal history record for licensing purposes, the applicant must provide a FAST fingerprint receipt (Fingerprint Card Scan Authorization Form) received from L1 Enrollment Services or Pearson VUE evidencing that fingerprints have been submitted to the Texas Department of Public Safety.  They must pass the proper Texas licensing examination (if required).

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   I am moving to Texas and now hold a Texas non-resident license. How do I keep this license with no lapse time?

Submit a signed and dated address change request to...

Licensing Division
MC 107-1A,
PO Box 149104,
Austin Texas

or fax it to 512-490-1029.

Do this before the license expiration date.

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   How do I get study material to use for examination preparation?

  • The Texas Department of Insurance does not provide or develop study materials for the exams. However, we suggest that you:
    • Review the exam content outline in the Candidate Handbook.    
    • Contact your sponsoring company, agent or agency for referrals to study materials or exam prep-courses.
    • Use your PC search engine to look for public internet listings of vendors and organizations offering Texas insurance examination study materials.
    • Visit www.sircon.com/texas selecting ‘Lookup continuing education providers/courses’ link and contact Texas approved CE providers for possible study materials for the Texas Insurance license qualifying examinations.

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   What are the Continuing Education requirements?

30 hours per 2-year reporting period with 2 hours in ethics for:

  • General Lines Agents,
  • Life Agent,
  • Personal Lines Property and Casualty,
  • Managing General Agents (MGA),
  • Adjusters (all types),
  • Life & Health Insurance Counselors,
  • Insurance Service Representatives,
  • Full-Time Home Office Employees

10 hours including 2 hours in ethics, for:

  • Limited Lines Agents,
  • Life Insurance Not Exceeding $25K Agents,
  • County Mutual Agents

Everyone subject to Continuing Education Requirements must do at least half the hours in a classroom setting or as classroom-equivalent. For more details click HERE to access our Continuing Education page.

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   How do I get a continuing education extension?
Extensions are granted for a number of non-work related situations.

Submit with your CE Exemption/Extension Form LHL216 a written letter and attach full documentation, such as doctor's letters, military orders sending you to a theater of war, or other statements of extenuating circumstances.

A request for extension must be made before your license's expiration date.

A continuing education extension does not extend the renewal date, nor does it waive any renewal late fees that may become due. Click here for details

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   How do I get a continuing education exemption?
You must have been continuously licensed for at least 20 years, with no break in licensure greater than 90 days. Your license must have been issued by this department. You cannot count home state licensure in another state. Submit a completed CE Exemption or Extension form LHL216 to TDI.  You may fax this form to (512) 490-1054.

[Effective April 1, 2010, new amendments to the CE rules have added several Certification programs (TAC ยงยง 19.1024 - 19.1029) that are not exempt from CE requirements after 20 years of continuous licensing.]

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   How do I renew my license?

  • About 85 days before your license expires, a perforated renewal invoice is sent to your last known mailing address on file with TDI. Tear-off the bottom portion of the renewal invoice and return with your fee.
    You may:
    return the renewal invoice in the pre-addressed envelope with a check or money order
  • renew by credit card (most major cards accepted) through Texas.gov, or

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   How do I get a copy of my license?

If your mailing address is current with TDI, you may request a copy of your license

  • through our automated phone service by calling 512-322-3503 and selecting option 2 on the main menu, or
  • by email at LICENSE@tdi.texas.gov.

If your mailing address has changed you will need to submit to TDI: a written statement that contains your full name, license number, new mailing and/or business address, any new contact numbers and your signature. You may submit:

  • by mail Licensing Division MC 107-1A, P.O. Box 149104, Austin, TX 78714-9104, or
  • fax to (512) 490-1029.

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   How do I get a letter of certification?
There are two ways to get a letter of certification.

First, you may request and print a TDI letter of certification on-line through our database vendor, Sircon Corp using Visa or MasterCard for the $11 state fee and the vendor's convenience fee.

Second, you may go to the TDI request form through this link, fill it out, print it, and mail it with the $11 fee to the address on the form.

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   Why do you publish insurance agent's and adjuster's home addresses?

Our application requests both a MAILING address and physical BUSINESS address be indicated. It does not specifically ask for your residential address. Keep in mind that all correspondence that is mailed from TDI will be mailed to your MAILING address on record.

All agent information except for social security number and criminal history is public information and may be accessed by the public. A solution may be to obtain/indicate a PO box address for your mailing address.

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Last updated: 02/05/2014

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