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Lists of Insurance Agents Licensed to Conduct Business in the State of Texas

Company Lists

Company Lists - Regularly updated providing details of insurance companies authorized to do business in Texas.

Agent Lists

Agent Lists - updated by the sixth working day of each month from the TDI database - are compressed as .ZIP file archives that require a PKZIP or other compatible utility to decompress the files. The download size may be 1/4 to 1/2 of the original file size.

Agent download files are available by license type by individual agent and agency. Each download file includes old TDI license number (ORIG_ST_CD), new TDI license number, (LIC_ID), agent or agency name, license type, license qualification(s), issue date, expiration date, mailing address, and telephone information. If you prefer to order the information and have it sent to you, please fill out an order form. Complete instructions and cost information is available on the order form.

Agent Lists Available for Downloading in CSV Format
License Type File Description File Size
County Mutual Agent (CM) Active County Mutual Agents
agtcm.zip | agtcm.csv

150kb | 786kb
County Mutual Agency (CM) Active County Mutual Agencies
agycm.zip | agycm.csv

2kb | 8kb
Emergency Managing General Agent (EMGA) Active Emergency Managing General Agents
agtemga.zip | agtemga.csv

1kb | 1kb
General Lines Agent (GL)

This download contains four files.
You need all four files to get a complete list of General Lines Agents.

Active General Lines Agents

General Lines Agent (GL)

You will need all four files to get a complete list of General Lines Agents.
Active General Lines Agents Part 1 of 4
agglaa.zip | agglaa.csv

Active General Lines Agents Part 2 of 4
agglab.zip | agglab.csv

Active General Lines Agents Part 3 of 4
agglac.zip | agglac.csv

Active General Lines Agents Part 4 of 4
agglad.zip | agglad.csv

2,633kb | 14,766kb

2,362kb | 14,766kb

2,360kb | 14,766kb

1,097kb | 6,429kb
General Lines Agency (GL) Active General Lines Agencies
agygl.zip | agygl.csv

374kb | 2,394kb
Insurance Adjuster (AJ) Active Insurance Adjuster
agtaj.zip | agtaj.csv

1,962kb | 10,547kb
Insurance Service Representative Active Insurance Service Representatives
agtisr.zip | agtisr.csv

83kb | 441kb
Life Insurance Not to Exceed $25,000 Agent (LI) Active Agents
agtli.zip | agtli.csv

49kb | 244kb
Life Insurance Not to Exceed $25,000 Agency (LI) Active Agencies
agyli.zip | agyli.csv

1kb | 2kb
Life and Health Insurance Counselors (LHIC) - Individuals Active Life and Health Insurance Counselor Individuals
agtlhic.zip | agtlhic.csv

12kb | 52kb
Life and Health Insurance Counselors (LHIC) -Agencies Active Life and Health Insurance Counselor Agencies
agylhic.zip | agylhic.csv

1kb | 1kb
Limited Lines Agent (LL) Active Limited Lines Agents
agtll.zip | agtll.csv

360kb | 1,896kb
Limited Lines Agency (LL) Active Limited Lines Agencies
agyll.zip | agyll.csv

5kb | 21kb
Managing General Agent (MGA) Active Managing General Agents
agtmga.zip | agtmga.csv

54kb | 272kb
Managing General Agency (MGA) Active Managing General Agencies
agymga.zip | agymga.csv

23kb | 120kb
Pre-Need Agent (PN) Active Pre-Need Agents
agtpn.zip | agtpn.csv

119kb | 610kb
Pre-Need Agency (PN) Active Pre-Need Agencies
agypn.zip | agypn.csv

1kb | 2kb
Public Insurance Adjuster (PIAJ) Public Insurance Adjuster Individuals
agtpiaj.zip | agtpiaj.csv

6kb | 26kb
Public Insurance Adjuster Trainee (PIAJT) Public Insurance Adjuster Trainee Individuals
agtpiajt.zip | agtpiajt.csv

1kb | 1kb
Public Insurance Adjuster Firm(PIAJ) Public Insurance Adjuster Firms
agypiaj.zip | agypiaj.csv

1kb | 1kb
Reinsurance Broker Agent (RIB) Active Reinsurance Broker Agents
agtrib.zip | agtrib.csv

1kb | 2kb
Reinsurance Broker Agency (RIB) Active Reinsurance Broker Agencies
agyrib.zip | agyrib.csv

4kb | 15kb
Reinsurance Manager Agent (RIM) Active Reinsurance Manager Agents
agtrim.zip | agtrim.csv

1kb | 1kb
Reinsurance Manager Agency (RIM) Active Reinsurance Manager Agencies
agyrim.zip | agyrim.csv

2kb | 4kb
Risk Manager Agent (RM) Active Risk Manager Agents
agtrm.zip | agtrm.csv

50kb | 257kb
Specialty Insurance Agent (SP) Active Specialty Insurance Agents
agtsp.zip | agtsp.csv

24kb | 108kb
Specialty Insurance Agency (SP) Active Specialty Insurance Agencies
agysp.zip | agysp.csv

141kb | 858kb
Surplus Lines Agent (SL) Active Surplus Lines Agents
agtsl.zip | agtsl.csv

121kb | 646kb
Surplus Lines Agency (SL) Active Surplus Lines Agencies
agysl.zip | agysl.csv

31kb | 151kb
Temporary County Mutual Agent (TCM) Active Temporary County Mutual Agents
agttcm.zip | agttcm.csv

1kb | 1kb
Temporary General Lines Property and Casualty Agent (TGLPC) Active Temporary General Lines Property and Casualty Agents
agttglpc.zip | agttglpc.csv

2kb | 4kb
Temporary General Lines Life Accident and Health Agent (TGLLAH) Active Temporary General Lines Life Accident and Health Agents
agttgllah.zip | agttgllah.csv

25kb | 112kb
Temporary Life Agent (TLI) Active Temporary Life Agents
agttli.zip | agttli.csv

1kb | 1kb
Temporary Limited Lines Agent (TLL) Active Life Agents
agttll.zip | agttll.csv

1kb | 1kb
Temporary Pre-Need Agent (TPN) Active Temporary Pre-Need Agents
agttpn.zip | agttpn.csv

1kb | 1kb
Trainee Adjuster (TRN) Active Trainee Adjuster
agttrn.zip | agttrn.csv

47kb | 238kb

Voluntary Inspection Program Agents

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