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Processing Applications and Other Common Licensing Transactions

The Agent and Adjuster Licensing Office (AAL) oversees over 1.1 million online and paper transactions annually. The use of online transfers of data is a core strategy in managing this high volume of requests.

On-line Applications

Online Licensing Resources: It’s all about convenience! – Online resources have been made readily available for most license types.

Paper Applications

Paper application submissions are not uncommon and are required for certain transactions. Visit our Agent and Adjuster Forms page to obtain applications in PDF format.

Common Problems or Errors to Avoid when Submitting Applications

In order to assist us in providing shorter processing times, AAL has compiled a list of common problems or errors to avoid:

  • Not paying the required fee - In most cases, the fee is $50, but please consult the form to determine the proper fee for the license being sought.
  • Not including the fingerprint receipt if required, with the application - Without the fingerprint receipt, TDI staff cannot complete the criminal history background check.
  • Not including the course completion certificate - For licenses requiring a pre-licensing course, the course certificate is the only way TDI can verify that the requirement has been satisfied.
  • Not having original notarized signatures on the application - In order to verify the validity of the notarized signature, the original is required. (paper applications only)
  • The applicant's name, date of birth, or social security number not matching the information contained on the criminal history report - Many times this is a result of typographical errors. Please verify that all of the information is correct on the application.
  • Not providing addresses – All four addresses; business, mailing, residential, and an email address are required for TDI's records, in order to facilitate communications with applicants and licensees.
  • Not answering screening questions - Please be aware that all portions of Part I of the application should be completed regardless of the type of license being sought. If a question is not answered, the application will be deemed incomplete. 

Online Licensing Resources

Use of online licensing resources could save several days in processing time in comparison to paper submission processing times. If payment is required, you may use a major credit card. A small convenience fee may apply for usage of some of the services, in addition to normal fees.

AAL offers quick and convenient online methods to perform some common licensing transactions. Among these are:

Note: Terminations for cause CANNOT be submitted online, and must be submitted to TDI directly in writing.

The certification is printable as soon as the application process is complete.

  • Requests for Licensee Data
    • Obtain lists of licensees by license type (no fee for downloads): Licensee lists
  • Renewal of an Existing License
    • Renewal processes available to you are described on our License Renewal page.

The effective date of the renewal will be the date the online application is completed and paid.

Submit an online resident or non-resident license application:

For more information, contact:

Last updated: 03/01/2016

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