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Continuing Education Course Provider Notice

With the increase in the number of licensee audits being performed, it has become apparent that many providers are supplying incomplete course certificates. Portions of the information, such as the student's name and license number, are left blank for the students to fill in. This creates a situation wherein an incomplete certificate can be photocopied and used by a licensee who did not attend or take the course. It is also a violation of §19.1011(e) of the Continuing Education rules that were effective in January, 2003.

"Providers shall issue certificates of completion to students who successfully complete a certified course. The provider must issue the certificate in a manner which shall ensure that the student receiving the certificate is the student who took the course, issue the certificate within 30 days of completing the course, and complete the certificate to reflect the date the student took the course/examination."

"A Provider shall not allow a student, or any person or organization other than the provider giving the course, to prepare, print or complete a certificate of completion."

In no case shall a certificate of completion be generated on line or by a program resident on the students computer and printed by the student.

The required information on the course certificate may not be eliminated or omitted. For the minimum required information, consult §19.1007(a)(7) of the rules. Please make sure that your certificate contains at least the minimum information and is delivered in the required manner. Borders, addresses, signatures and so on may be added, but are optional.

Pursuant to Texas Insurance Code ANN. Articles. 21.01-1 §3, 21.01-2 §3A and §5A, and 28 Texas Administrative Code §19.1016(b)(2), TDI is warranted in assessing automatic fines for a provider's failure to issue a properly completed certificate of completion within 30 days following completion of course in the amount of $100 per improperly completed certificate

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Last updated: 09/06/2014

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