How to Be Smart About Fire Safety

How to be smart about fire safety | Ways to play it safe | What is a disaster? | Disaster ready kit

Make A Plan With Your Family

  • Family Planning a Fire ExitYour plan should have two ways to get out of each room, in case one of them is blocked by a fire. For example, you could leave your bedroom by climbing through the window or by running through your doorway.
  • Your plan should include a safe and easy to remember meeting place outside your house where everyone in your family will meet after escaping a fire.
  • Remember to test your smoke detectors every month and to replace their batteries every year.

Get Out Right Away If There's A Fire

  • Fire EmergencyDon't stop to get any of your toys or other things. Just get out of your house quickly.
  • Always feel the bottom of a door to see if it is hot before you open it. If it is hot, that means there may be a fire on the other side and you should not open it.
  • Stay low to the floor when you are leaving your house. You might want to crawl on all-fours. Staying close to the floor will help you avoid breathing in smoke.
  • Once you are outside, don't go back inside the house for anything.

Parents and teachers can find more information from the Texas State Fire Marshal at

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