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How Do I Join a Cooperative?

All of the cooperatives registered with the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) are in a list on TDI's web site. Contacting a cooperative in your area is the first step you should take in joining a cooperative. Keep in mind that, for certain cooperatives, there may be an annual open enrollment period which will limit your opportunities to a certain period each year. Small employers interested in joining a cooperative should also remember that, as individual employers, they are guaranteed issuance of coverage from an insurance company or HMO that offers coverage to small employers. Similarly, a small employer must be allowed to join a health group cooperative and purchase coverage during the next annual open enrollment period.

What Type of Cooperative Should I Join?

Various factors will influence an employer's decision about the type of cooperative to join, including whether the employer is a small or large employer, the rates offered by the cooperatives in the employer's area, a cooperative's administrative or membership fees, and whether a particular cooperative is accepting new members or currently enrolling new members in an open enrollment period. Employers should review the different types of cooperatives to determine whether a particular type offers advantages for the employer.

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Last updated: 09/06/2014

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