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Health Insurance Overview

Health Care Publications

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  • Health Insurance Online Complaint Form - Information disclosed in this form helps us resolve your complaint. Complaints requiring supporting documents should be mailed or faxed. If you file on-line, print a copy of your completed complaint form before using the "submit" button at the bottom of the form. Add that copy to any supporting documents you mail or fax. It will help speed up the process. You can expect an acknowledgement letter once your complaint form has been received.
  • Helping You With Your Insurance Complaint publication - Each year TDI assists consumers with more than 18,000 insurance-related complaints. Because of TDI´s efforts, consumers receive millions of dollars a year in additional claim payments and refunds. This online brochure explains how we can help you with your insurance problem and how you can file a consumer complaint.
  • Consumer Complaint Information/Data - Search TDI´s Internet Complaint Information System (ICIS) by (1) Summary Complaint Information by Quarter (2) Region Complaint Information by Quarter or (3) Line of Insurance.

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