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TDI's Key Telephone Listing

(As of 5/15/2014)

Agency Telephone Number Mailing Address Delivery Address
512-463-6169 or
P. O. Box 149104
Austin, TX 78714-9104
333 Guadalupe
Austin, TX 78701

Special TDI Numbers Telephone Number FAX Number
Texas Department of Insurance Jobline 1-800-952-7099 512-305-7581
Report Fraud 1-888-327-8818 512-490-1001
Consumer Information Toll-Free Line
or Local Austin Number
Texas Consumer Health Assistance Program (CHAP) Toll-Free Line
or Local Austin Number
Agents Licensing 512-322-3503 512-490-1029
Request for Windstorm Inspections 1-800-248-6032
Rate Guide Information 1-800-599-SHOP(7467)
Texas Health Insurance Pool 1-888-398-3927
Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) 1-800-647-6558

Commissioner's Office | Administrative Operations | Compliance | Financial Regulation | General Counsel | Internal Audit | Public Affairs | Regulatory Policy | State Fire Marshal's Office | Division of Workers' Compensation

Commissioner's Office

First Name Last Name Title Phone Number Fax Number Mail Code Location
Julia Rathgeber Commissioner of Insurance 512-463-6464 512-475-2005 113-1C H1-13th
Laverne Chase Commissioner's Office, Executive Assistant 512-463-6468 512-475-2005 113-1C H1-13th
Sylvia Myler Commissioner's Office, Ombudsman 512-475-1776 512-475-2025 113-1C H1-13th

Administrative Operations

First Name Last Name Title Phone Number Fax Number Mail Code Location
Karen A. Phillips Chief of Staff 512-305-7249 512-475-2005 113-1C H1-13th
Kevin Brady Deputy Chief of Staff 512-305-6788 512-475-2005 113-1C H1-1350D
Nancy Clark Chief Financial Officer (CFO) 512-475-1797 512-463-6203 108-4A H1-840G
Patty David Human Resources Director / ADA Coordinator 512-463-6165 512-305-7192 112-HR H1-1271
Amy Lugo Information Technology Services Director 512-305-7252 512-490-1000 102-ITS H1-203
Mike Powers Procurement and General Services (PGS) Director 512-322-4281 512-322-2272 108-1A H1-840J

Compliance Division

First Name Last Name Title Phone Number Fax Number Mail Code Location
Mark Einfalt Deputy Commissioner 512-475-1760 512-305-7463 113-1C H1-13th
Norma Constancio Assistant to Deputy Commissioner 512-322-4309 512-305-7463 113-1C H1-13th
Melissa Hield Consumer Protection, Associate Commissioner 512-322-4349 512-305-7463 111-1A H1-1110D
Valerie Brown Consumer Protection, Complaints Resolution Director 512-463-6503 512-475-1771 111-1A H1-1160G
Jack Evins Consumer Assistance and Special Assignments Director 512-463-6580 512-305-7463 111-1A H1-1110A
John Robinson Consumer Protection, Consumer Information Line Director (1-800-252-3439) 512-804-5160 512-475-1771 111-1A H1-1150C
Richard Lee Consumer Protection, Public Education Director 512-463-6534 512-305-7463 111-1A H1-1120B
Falecia Rivers Consumer Protection, Speaker's Bureau 512-305-7196 512-305-7463 111-1A HI-1150A
Insurance Fraud, Associate Commissioner 512-463-1861 512-490-1001 109-3A H1-960D
Irene Ruedas-Silvas Insurance Fraud, Assistant to Associate Commissioner 512-463-1861 512-490-1001 109-3A H1-960C1
David Englert Insurer Investigations Director 512-305-7212 512-490-1001 109-3A H1-960C
Lee Dick Administration/Operations Director 512-305-8148 512-490-1001 109-3A H1-960E
Jeff Kirk Chief Investigator 512-322-3564 512-490-1001 109-3A H1-950B
Jack Hall Fraud, Claimant Investigations Director 512-475-1835 512-490-1001 109-3A H1-950F
Sandra Nicolas Enforcement, Associate Commissioner 512-305-7297 512-475-1772 110-1A H1-1060E
Catherine Bell Enforcement, Assistant to Associate Commissioner 512-475-1832 512-475-1772 110-1A H1-1060
Robert Gutierrez Enforcement, Compliance Intake Unit 512-475-4987 512-475-1772 110-1A H1-1020C

Financial Regulation

First Name Last Name Title Phone Number Fax Number Mail Code Location
Danny Saenz Deputy Commissioner 512-322-5040 512-322-5074 305-2A H1-1324
MaryAnn Cortez Office Manager 512-322-5040 512-322-5074 305-2A H3-560G
Becky Borgeson Licensing Services, Assistant to Associate Commissioner 512-322-2218 512-328-5074 305-2A H3-550M
Jamie Walker Licensing Services, Associate Commissioner 512-305-6797 512-322-5074 305-2A H3-550L
Elijio Salas Agent & Adjuster Licensing Section, Director 512-463-8917 512-490-1029 107-1A H1-700B
Cecilia Munoz Agent & Adjuster Licensing Section, Assistant to Director 512-305-8197 512-490-1029 107-1A H1-700
Godwin Ohaechesi Company Licensing and Registration Division, Director 512-322-3507 512-490-1035 305-2C H3-520K
Jeff Hunt Licensing, Admitted Companies and HMOs 512-322-4370 512-490-1035 305-2C H3-520A
Tara Mitchell Registration-Surplus Lines, Foreign RRGs/Purch Grps 512-322-3522 512-490-1035 305-2C H3-520I
Tina Martinez-Saucedo Statutory Deposits 512-322-4374 512-490-1035 305-2C H3-520C
Elaine Cabrera Third Party Administrator (TPA) 512-305-7521 512-490-1035 305-TPA H3-540J
Zane Versyp Premium Finance 512-322-3579 512-490-1035 305-TPA H3-540J
Doug Slape Financial Analysis / Chief Analyst 512-322-5012 512-322-5082 303-1A H3-330H
Naomi Garcia Financial Analysis, Assistant to Chief Analyst 512-322-4392 512-322-5082 303-1A H3-330G
Ignatius Wheeler Examinations / Chief Examiner 512-322-5038 512-322-5026 305-2E H3-550G
Theresa Ramirez Examinations, Assistant to Chief Examiner 512-305-6795 512-322-5026 305-2E H3-550F
Sandra Varela Automated Examinations, Assistant Chief Examiner 512-322-4229 512-322-5026 305-2E H3-550D
David Moskowitz Market Conduct, Assistant Chief Examiner 512-322-5033 512-322-5026 305-2E H3-550L
Mike Boerner Actuarial, Director 512-322-5067 512-322-5083 302-3E H3-260G
Rehabilitation & Liquidation Oversight, Director 512-322-4352 512-490-1023 305-1D H3-510C

General Counsel

First Name Last Name Title Phone Number Fax Number Mail Code Location
Sara Waitt General Counsel 512-305-7517 512-490-1064 113-2A H1-13th
Franchetta Alexander Assistant to General Counsel 512-475-1910 512-490-1064 113-2A H1-13th
Rob Carter Assistant General Counsel 512-305-7402 512-490-1064 113-2A H1-13th
Norma Garcia Chief Clerk 512-463-6326 512-490-1064 113-2A H1-13th
Stan Strickland Legal, Associate Commissioner 512-305-7877 512-475-1843 110-1A H1-1020B
Kathy Wilson Legal, Agency Counsel, Director 512-305-7510 512-475-1843 110-1A H1-1020H
Elizabeth Morris Legal, Library (Agency) 512-463-6139 512-475-1843 108-Lib H1-880
Legal, Open Records 512-322-4372 512-475-1843 110-1A H1-1020G
Michael Nored Legal, Financial Counsel, Director 512-322-4157 512-475-1843 110-1A H1-1040B
Debra Knight Legal, Policy Development Counsel, Director 512-463-6111 512-475-1843 110-1A H1-940D
Tracey Beaver Legal, Workers' Compensation Counsel, Director 512-804-4280 512-804-4276 MS-4D Metro 2.155

Internal Audit

First Name Last Name Title Phone Number Fax Number Mail Code Location
Greg Royal Director 512-475-2984 512-490-1024 105-7A H1-500

Public Affairs

First Name Last Name Title Phone Number Fax Number Mail Code Location
Allison Castle Public Affairs, Deputy Commissioner 512-305-9051 512-475-2025 113-3A H1-1300E
Michele Greer Public Affairs, Assistant to Deputy Commissioner 512-305-9472 512-475-2025 113-3A H1-1300C
Melissa Hamilton Government Relations, Director 512-463-6123 512-475-2025 113-3A H1-1300G
Jessica Corna Government Relations, Assistant Director 512-322-4280 512-475-2025 113-3A H1-1300B
Leslie Leal-Gauna Marketing and Communications, Director 512-475-1770 512-475-2025 113-3A Rm 1300-D
Ben Gonzalez Media Relations Office 512-322-3482 512-463-6141 105-1A H1-510G
Jerry Hagins Media Relations Office 512-305-8156 512-463-6141 105-1A H1-510H

Regulatory Policy

First Name Last Name Title Phone Number Fax Number Mail Code Location
Cassie Brown Deputy Commissioner 512-305-8249 512-475-2005 113-1C H1-13th
Linda Joines Assistant to Deputy Commissioner 512-305-7264 512-475-2005 113-1C H1-13th
Katrina Daniel Life, Accident, and Health, Associate Commissioner 512-305-7342 512-490-1041 107-2A H1-780F
Sheryl Allen Life, Accident, and Health, Assistant to Associate Commissioner 512-305-8115 512-490-1041 107-2A H1-780D
Doug Danzeiser Life, Accident, and Health, Regulatory Initiatives, Director 512-475-1964 512-490-1041 107-2A H1-780A
Jan Graeber Life, Accident, and Health, Rate and Form Review, Director / Chief Actuary 512-322-3401 512-322-3552 106-1A H1-620C
C. H. Mah Property and Casualty, Associate Commissioner 512-322-3587 512-463-6122 105-5G H1-540E
Property and Casualty, Assistant to Associate Commissioner 512-475-3028 512-463-6122 105-5F H1-540 Mod 9
Iris Saenz Property and Casualty, Texas Sure Vehicle Insurance Verification 512-305-7488 512-490-1060 105-5G H1-580H
J'ne Byckovski Property and Casualty Actuarial, Director / Chief Actuary 512-475-3017 512-463-6122 105-5F H1-540G
Marilyn Hamilton Property and Casualty, Personal and Commercial Lines, Director 512-305-6711 512-490-1014 104-PC H1-420B
Sam Nelson Property and Casualty, Inspections Office, Director 512-322-2208 512-463-6693 103-1A H1-370F
Carolyn Hinson Property and Casualty, Loss Control Program and Amusement Rides, Manager 512-322-2253 512-305-7425 103-9A H1-370C
Steve Thompson Property and Casualty, Engineering Services Program, Chief Engineer 512-463-6674 512-463-6693 103-3A H1-350A
Matt Sist Property and Casualty, Windstorm Inspections Program, Manager 512-322-4294 512-322-2273 103-1E H1-310D
Nancy Moore Property and Casualty, WC Classification and Premium Calculation, Director 512-322-3459 512-490-1050 105-2A H1-510A

State Fire Marshal's Office

First Name Last Name Title Phone Number Fax Number Mail Code Location
Chris Connealy State Fire Marshal 512-305-7906 512-305-7910 112-FM H1-1210A
Lin Gonzalez Administrative Operations 512-305-7908 512-305-7910 112-FM H1-1200E
Kelly Kistner Assistant State Fire Marshal 512-305-7902 512-305-7910 112-FM H1-1210B
Mark Lockerman Assistant Director 512-305-7920 512-305-7910 112-FM H1-1210D
Emerald Nazareno Forensic Arson Laboratory 512-305-7970 512-305-7973 302-FM Cameron Rd
Susan Light Licensing Administration 512-305-7932 512-305-7922 112-FM H1-1200D
Roger Young Fire Safety Cigarette Program 512-322-3527 512-305-7910 112-FM H1-1200G
Kelley Stadler Engineer Specialist 512-305-7909 512-305-7922 112-FM H1-1210C
Rachel Moreno Prevention, Education & Outreach 512-305-7503 512-305-7910 112-FM H1-1250E
Virginia Garza TEXFIRS 512-305-7950 512-305-7910 112-FM H1-1210G
Jamie Perkins Juvenile Firesetter Intervention 512-305-7940 512-305-7910 112-FM H1-1210A1
Jesse Williams PPC Oversight 512-305-7941 512-305-7359 112-FM H1-1200C

Division of Workers' Compensation

First Name Last Name Title Phone Number Fax Number Mail Code Location
Ryan Brannan Workers' Compensation Commissioner 512-804-4400 512-804-4401 MS-1 Metro
Idalia Salazar Commissioner's Office, Executive Assistant 512-804-4403 512-804-4401 MS-1 Metro
Dirk Johnson General Counsel 512-804-4422 512-804-4401 MS-1 Metro
Marisa Lopez Wagley Subsequent Injury Fund/Assistant General Counsel 512-804-4739 512-804-4401 MS-1 Metro
Tammy Lara Self-Insurance Regulation, Team Lead 512-804-4778 512-804-4776 MS-60 Metro
Amy Lee Special Deputy Commissioner for Policy and Research 512-804-4410 512-804-4301 MS-1 Metro
Patricia Gilbert Executive Deputy Commissioner for Operations 512-804-4302 512-804-4301 MS-1 Metro
Bill Defoyd, OD Designated Doctor Outreach & Oversight, Director 512-804-4853 512-804-4207 MS-45 Metro
Joe McElrath Operations Support, Director 512-804-5010 512-804-4301 MS-1 Metro
Sherry Brunson Records Management & Support, Director 512-804-4104 512-804-4101 MS-600 Metro
Kathy McMaster Director for Field Operations 512-804-4125 512-490-1037 MS-65 Metro
Matthew Zurek Executive Deputy Commissioner for Health Care Management and System Monitoring 512-804-4301 512-804-4301 MS-41 Metro
Brent Hatch Return to Work Outreach & Special Initiatives 512-804-4102 512-804-4301 MS-1 Metro
Ruth Richardson Health Care Policy & Implementation, Manager 512-804-4850 512-804-5001 MS-7 Metro
Mary Landrum Health Care Business Management, Director 512-804-4814 512-804-4811 MS-41 Metro
Martha Luevano Medical Fee Dispute Resolution, Manager 512-804-4858 512-804-4868 MS-48 Metro
Tammy Campion Information Management Services, Manager 512-804-4717 512-804-4868 MS-63 Metro
Teresa Carney System Monitoring and Oversight, Director 512-804-4702 512-804-4576 MS-8 Metro
Karen Puckett Workplace Safety & OSHCON, Director 512-804-5020 512-804-4611 MS-20 Metro
David G. Davis Medical Advisor 512-804-4415 512-490-1040 MS-41 Metro
Kerry Sullivan Hearings, Deputy Commissioner 512-804-4015 512-804-4011 MS-30 Metro
D.C. Campbell WC Research & Evaluation, Director 512-322-3566 512-490-1050 105-2A H1-520A
Leah Gillum Enforcement, Manager 512-804-4278 512-804-4701 MS-11 Metro

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