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Fraud Unit Staff

The TDI Fraud Unit is a Law Enforcement agency employing both commissioned and non-commissioned investigators. The unit employs peace officers pursuant to Chapter 701 of the Texas Insurance Code and Article 2.12(28) of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. TDI received the authority to Commission peace officers from the Texas Legislature in 1995. The Fraud Unit currently employs peace officers, non-commissioned investigators, prosecutors and criminal analysts.

TDI Fraud Unit investigators work on a variety of cases. One type of case is Claim Fraud, including workers' compensation, committed by consumers and health care providers against insurance companies. Insurance agents converting premium payments to their own use, insurance company officials embezzling funds, and persons who are doing the business of insurance in Texas without the appropriate license are also subject to investigation and prosecution.

TDI investigators cooperate with other law enforcement agencies, and regularly conduct joint investigations with local police, sheriffs departments, Texas District and County attorneys, Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), United States Postal Inspectors and the United States Department of Labor (DOL). Upon completing an investigation, the investigator refers the case to State or Federal prosecuting attorneys for indictment and prosecution. After the referral has been made, investigators continue to assist prosecutors and often serve as witnesses before grand juries and during trials.

The Fraud Unit's Investigators employ a variety of investigation methods and techniques such as financial and document analysis, witness and suspect interviews, undercover operations, search and arrest warrants, internet and other electronic resources, and good old-fashioned leg work.

The Fraud Unit does not investigate Medicaid/Medicare fraud. These complaints should be directed to the Office of the Attorney General, Medicaid Fraud Division (512-463-2011).

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Last updated: 09/06/2014

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