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Fraud Reporting Form

If you wish to file a complaint regarding an insurance company or agent, please use one of our online Consumer Protection complaint forms.
Please take a moment to read over these helpful tips before using this form for the first time.
  • The online form is divided into the following sections:
    • Information About You
    • Description of the Fraud
    • Fraud Subject(s) Information
    • Report Review and Submission
  • Do not use the "Back" button on your browser, instead use the navigation buttons at the bottom of each page.
  • Required fields are marked with a red asterisk.
  • Use the tab key to move between fields.
  • At the time of submission, you may print a copy of the report which will include your submission verification number.
  • Online reports of fraud are retrieved by the Texas Department of Insurance Fraud Unit each business day. If you provide your name and address, a written acknowledgement from the Fraud Unit will follow our receipt of the report.
  • We work to protect the security of your information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer "SSL" software, which encrypts information you input.
  • If you have supporting documentation to include with your report, please do not use this form. Follow the instructions in the section below to download and mail a printable form.
  • For further information or assistance, please contact: FraudUnit@tdi.texas.gov

Download Versions - You may download and print a Fraud Reporting form and email the completed form as an attachment to: FraudReport@tdi.texas.gov

Please remember - Information sent by e-mail is not encrypted. If you prefer, you may send the report form by regular mail to:

Texas Department of Insurance
Fraud Unit
P O Box 149336
Mail Code 109-3A
Austin, TX 78714-9336

You may also call 1-800-252-3439

For more information contact:

Last updated: 06/29/2015

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Translation by WorldLingo

Translation by WorldLingo