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Saves and Successes - reported by TX fire & life safety public educators

McKinney, TX
12-year-old boy saves sister, house from fire

April 23, 2011 - by Chris Beattie at Star Local News

Alarm bells bombarded his ears and smoke filled the house, but Kenneth didn't panic. He knew exactly what to do.

The McKinney boy turned off the burner on the stove, grabbed his younger sister and ran to their neighbor's house. Kenneth had possibly saved their lives and kept their house from burning down.

Kenneth is only 12.

The fifth grader at Finch Elementary School became an unlikely hero when he handled this scary situation the evening of April 13. Kenneth had put into action what he learned at school.

McKinney fire department plans to honor Kenneth for his bravery at a Finch Elementary assembly on Wednesday, May 4.

For the full story, see Star Local News.

If you have a save or success in your community due to one of your education or prevention programs, please let us know. Send details to TXFLSE@tdi.texas.gov so we may properly recognize those involved.

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