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Forensic Arson Laboratory

SFMO Arson Lab

State Fire Marshal's Office
ATTN: Forensic Arson Laboratory
7915 Cameron Road
Austin, Texas 78754-

Phone: 512-305-7974

Forensic Arson Laboratory Forms

About the Forensic Arson Laboratory

SFMO Lab Staff

L to R: Emerald Nazareno (Forensic Arson Laboratory Manager), Bobbi Johnson (Evidence Technician), Eric Steinberg (Forensic Scientist)

Forensic Arson Laboratory services are provided at no cost to the fire service and other law enforcement agencies in the State of Texas. Turnaround time is usually six days.

The laboratory is limited at this time to the analysis of arson debris for ignitable liquids used to accelerate a fire. Explosives analyses require instrumentation and expertise which is currently available from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) laboratory system; please do not send these types of cases to this laboratory. The ATF offices and laboratory phone numbers are all listed in the Arson Lab Evidence Collection and Submission Handbook. The Handbook contains information to assist with evidence questions that may arise. Contact the laboratory at 512-305-7974 to request Handbooks or for further assistance.

Please refer to the Forensic Arson Laboratory Guidelines for Evidence for important information regarding the collection and submission of evidence.

Forensic Arson Laboratory Physical Evidence Submission Form

Since the Forensic Arson Laboratory primarily offers criminal case analysis, the Laboratory Submission Form is to be used only in Arson or other criminally related cases. However, the Forensic Arson Laboratory also offers quality control analysis. Any agency may send us a clean, empty can from their stock of metal cans used for evidence collection. We may then evaluate these cans to determine if they are suitable for evidence collection (i.e., contamination free). The Forensic Arson Laboratory offers this service as a courtesy to all submitting agencies and as such, requests CANNOT be made on the Laboratory Submission Form. Please use the Evidence Can Quality Check form for this type of quality assurance service. Evidence Can Quality Check Form

For your convenience, the submission form may now be filled out online before printing. Don't forget to sign the form after filling out and printing it. The form cannot be submitted online.

When shipping evidence, address the package to the attention of the Forensic Arson Lab. This ensures that the person who opens the box will be someone intended to be in the chain of custody and that the evidence will be stored in the vault immediately, once the courier's responsibility has ended. Address the package to:

State Fire Marshal's Office
ATTN: Forensic Arson Laboratory
7915 Cameron Road
Austin, Texas 78754-3803

Always use our physical address when shipping evidence to the lab, and provide a physical address on the "send to" section of the submission form. Courier services will no longer deliver to post office boxes, even if a phone number is provided.

If your evidence submission did not meet all of the necessary criteria, you will receive a Forensic Arson Laboratory Submission Criteria Sheet with your final lab report. Use this form as a checklist when sending evidence to ensure that your evidence will yield the best possible results.

For additional information or assistance, contact the laboratory at 512-305-7974.

For more information contact:

Last updated: 09/06/2014

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