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Texas State Fire Marshal's Office and the Texas Forensic Science Commission

The Texas State Fire Marshal's Office is collaborating with the Texas Forensic Science Commission (FSC) to improve fire investigations in the state. Based on recommendations from the 2011 FSC Annual Report (Read all annual reports here). the SFMO has assembled the Science Advisory Workgroup (SAW) to review previous arson cases and to provide feedback and expertise on current cases. The cases under review by the SAW are limited to SFMO-internal cases and cases submitted by the Innocence Project of Texas. The SAW will meet with SFMO investigators at quarterly Fire Investigation Forums.

The Science Advisory Workgroup includes:

  • Dr. David Icove, Electrical and Fire Protection Engineer
  • Dr. Nizam Peerwani, Forensic Pathologist
  • John Lentini, Chemist
  • Kathy Crouch, Attorney
  • Mark Goodson, Electrical and Mechanical Engineer
  • Tommy Sing, Private Fire Investigator
  • Eric Evers and Ryan McCormick, ATF
  • Kenny Wilson, Azle Fire Investigator
  • Gary McDonald, Dallas County District Attorney’s Office
  • Dr. Elizabeth Buc, President, Fire and Materials Research Laboratory, LLC

Texas Fire Investigation Forums

Upcoming Forums

Past Forums

  • May 17-19, (College Station)
  • February 16-17, 2016 (Edinburg)
  • August 25-26, 2015 (Lubbock)
  • December 8-9 (Corpus Christi)
  • Fire Analysis Tools for Fire Investigators (May 12-13, Richardson)
  • Legal Considerations of Fire Investigations (December 9-10, 2014, Plano)
  • Complex and Fatality Scene Management (August 12-13, 2014, San Antonio)
  • Smoke and Heat Detection Systems (May 13-14, 2014, Plano)
  • Explosion Dynamics (February 25-26, 2014, Corpus Christi)
  • Winter Texas Fire Investigation Forum: "Keeping Up With the Dogs" (December 2-3, 2013, Plano)
  • Summer Texas Fire Investigation Forum: "Frontiers in Arc Mapping" (June 4-5, 2013, Houston)
  • Spring Texas Fire Investigation Forum: "Surviving the Daubert Challenge" (April 8-9, 2013, Plano)
  • January Texas Fire Investigation Forum: "Fire Investigations Involving Fire Fatalities" (January 7-8, 2013, Houston)

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Last updated: 09/26/2016

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