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Fire Safety for Texans

Fire Safety for Texans is a series of fire and burn prevention curriculum guides (K-12) developed by the State Fire Marshal´s Office (SFMO). The SFMO believes the key to reducing fires and fire deaths is through a comprehensive, age-appropriate approach to fire safety education. After extensive research and testing, with the help of teachers from across the state, this series is made available to those who teach fire safety. Each guide contains three sections:

  • Lesson Plans - which includes all steps in the lesson cycle;
  • Teacher Materials - which includes all teaching aids and test; and
  • Student Materials-Duplicating Masters - which includes master copies of materials to be used by students.

Each grade-level program has been coordinated with the unique specific fire safety needs of that age group.

The State Fire Marshal's Office has made the entire series of fire and burn prevention curriculum guides available online, and free of charge. They are available in Portable Document Format (PDF).

"Fire Safety For Texans" School Fire Safety Curriculum Guides
Description Grade File Format
Fire Safe Together Kindergarten PDF
Fire Safety: Any Time, Any Place First Grade PDF
Making Me Fire Safe Second Grade PDF
Positively Fire Safe Third Grade PDF
Fire Safety: Stop the Heat Fourth Grade PDF
Charged Up for Fire Safety Fifth Grade PDF
Fire Safety Power Sixth Grade PDF
Responsible For Fire Safety Seventh Grade PDF
Fire Safety's My Job Eighth Grade PDF
Fire Safety For Consumers Economics (High School) PDF
A Lifetime For Fire Safety Health (High School) PDF
Fire and Burn Prevention Education In Texas Scope and Sequence PDF

For further assistance or additional information, contact the Fire Prevention & Outreach section at (512) 676-6800.

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Last updated: 08/21/2015

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