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Disaster Assistance Mobile Unit Locations

Visit your insurance company at these locations for help filing a claim or for questions about claims and coverage. The locations on this list are subject to change. Please contact your company to confirm their current location.


  • State Farm: Parksdale Mall - 6155 Eastex Freeway

Corpus Christi

  • State Farm: 5350 South taples STreet, Suite 418
  • Texas Windstorm Insurance Association: 5262 S. Staples Street, Suite 115

Port Aransas

  • Texas Windstorm Insurance Association: Port Aransas Community Center - 408 N. Alister St.


  • Texas Windstorm Insurance Association: GSM Insurers - 102 E. Laurel St.


  • State Farm: 17146 Feather Craft Lane, Suite 402

The Woodlands

  • The Woodlands Insurance: Woodlands Mall - 1201 Lake Woodlands Drive


  • RVOS Farm Mutual Insurance Group of Companies: SPJST  Building -  3502 N. Laurent Street

For more information, contact:

Last updated: 01/08/2018

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