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General Instructions for Electronic Filings in Texas


General Information

Status in Domicile:
Not Applicable

Multiple Companies Allowed on Filings?:
PC: Yes LAH: No

Effective Date Rules:
Policy forms and endorsements are available for use upon approval by the Texas Department of Insurance.

Change of Effective Date Requests:
  • Notification is required on effective date changes. You may request a change in effective date using a Post Submission update.
  • Do not submit requested effective date changes as new filings, except in the situation noted below for rate filings. If the filing was originally submitted via paper, then send the request by mail and/or email to the specialist or actuary originally assigned to the filing, and include the TDI Link Number, TDI Number, State Tracking Number, and/or SERFF Tracking Number for the approved/accepted filing.
  • For rate filings, TDI will not accept requests to change the effective date after the effective date noted in the rate filing. If the filer needs to change the effective date after the original effective date, filers need to submit a new rate filing with a reference to the applicable rate filing.
  • Retroactive requests are not allowed.

Additional Information Links:
The Property and Casualty Filings Made Easy Guide is an aid to making property and casualty filings in Texas. The entire guide may be obtained by viewing the on-line version, downloading the MS Word file, or completing the interactive PDF forms. NOTE: Please read the "Filling Out Forms" instructions carefully before completing the interactive PDF forms. Refer to Filings Made Easy Guide.

Form filings are approved or disapproved by the Associate Commissioner of the Property & Casualty Section. Refer to Approved/Disapproved P & C Filings.

Available Filing Modes:

  • File & Use
    • Rates
    • Manual rules, except Mortgage Guaranty Pool
    • Policy forms and endorsements - Mortgage Guaranty
    • Credit Scoring Models
  • Prior Approval

    • Policy forms and endorsements, except Mortgage Guaranty and Mortgage Guaranty Pool
    • Certificates of Property and Casualty Insurance
  • Use & File

    • Policy forms, endorsements, and manual rules - Mortgage Guaranty Pool
    • Underwriting Guidelines


Fee Information:
Is there a fee? No

Public Access

  • Public Access Detail:
  • Filings become public: At Submission
    Filings can be viewed upon receipt of an open records request.
    Update from Texas - Effective July 1, 2013
    All filings are subject to the requirements of the Texas Public Information Act, Chapter 552, Texas Government Code. To the extent that a filing submitted through SERFF includes contact information, the filer affirmatively consents to the release and disclosure of the contact information, including any email addresses. The filer also certifies that each person associated with an email address that appears in the filing has affirmatively consented to the release and disclosure of that email address.
  • Confidentiality requests are: Allowed
    Explanation: For all filings submitted through SERFF after April 13, 2014, to protect confidential documents from public view, companies filing documents marked confidential must use the confidential feature provided by SERFF by clicking the appropriate box when uploading a filing. It is the responsibility of the company uploading the document to SERFF to ensure that confidential documents are protected by clicking the appropriate box. Simply labeling an individual document as "confidential," "proprietary," or other words denoting privacy will not prevent the document from being made public. Companies must click on the appropriate box to prevent documents from being publically available. TDI will not perform this function.


Texas accepts all property and casualty filings via SERFF.

These general instructions and the line of business instructions do not supersede the requirements of Texas laws and regulations governing the business of insurance. They are provided to assist insurers in submitting SERFF filings. Insurers are required to be aware of and comply with all Texas laws, regulations, department bulletins, and department opinions. The directions and requirements contained in the General Instructions are considered a continuous work in progress and should be reviewed for changes or updates each time an insurer makes a filing.

  • Before submitting a filing in Texas, we ask the companies to verify that they have received a Certificate of Authority for writing business in Texas from the Company Licensing Division, for a newly licensed company or a revised Certificate of Authority, if the company has filed for a name change or adding/revising lines of business they are authorized to write in Texas. It is the company's responsibility to confirm the lines of business they are authorized to write or the name change, before submitting a filing in Texas.
  • When original filing has been submitted through SERFF and company has withdrawn with the intent to resubmit within 6 months, please contact the review specialist in order to reopen the filing before resubmitting through SERFF. Otherwise, a new filing will be required to be submitted.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE COMPLETE ALL FIELDS IN THE FILING WIZARD. We need all required filing information to be included in the Filing Wizard and on the General Information tab, since we no longer require a separate transmittal document.
  • It is the company's responsibility to use the correct TOI and SubTOI when submitting filings via SERFF. Before submission, check previously approved filings for the correct line of insurance, because the program or information being filed may have been approved as a different line of insurance. For example, a filing originally filed as Fidelity may have been approved as Crime, so future filings must be submitted as Crime.
  • All companies rate data fields must be completed.
  • Do not submit Non-Adoption reference filings.
  • Texas will now accept Post Submission Update requests on open or closed filings. We will review the request and allow or disallow the changes.


  • Attachments must be submitted in PDF format (Adobe version 4.0 or higher). However, you may attach an Excel spreadsheet as long as a duplicate PDF version is also submitted.

  • A cover letter is not required if the filing information is placed in the Filing Description section of Filing at a Glance.


  • Texas requires separate filings for each filing type. For example, if a company combines its rates and manual rules into one manual, the company will still need to make separate filings for rates and manual rules, even if the two filings are identical.


  • Attach each form as a separate line item in the Form Schedule tab. Please show the complete name without abbreviations of the forms/endorsements in the SERFF Form Schedule, regardless of its length. All items must include a Form Number.
  • Attach rate or rule pages to the Rate/Rule Schedule tab. Show the company exception/manual page numbers in the SERFF Rate/Rule schedule.
  • Attach supporting documentation to the Supporting Documentation tab.
  • If forms, rates, rules or supporting documentation are revised prior to approval or acceptance, attach revised versions to the appropriate tab.

All items must be completed by filing company or filing may be rejected.

  1. If an associated rate, rule, or form filing has been filed, provide the TDI Link Number, TDI Number, State Tracking Number, and/or SERFF Tracking Number where it was filed. Include associated filings for all file types.
  2. Deemer Waived: In State Specific Field item 2, indicate whether or not you will waive deemer period by entering Yes or No.
  3. Revision/Replacement: In State Specific Field item 3, indicate whether the filing revises/replaces previously approved forms/endorsements, rates, or rules. If so, enter, TDI Link Number, TDI Number, State Tracking Number, and/or SERFF Tracking Number of previously approved forms/endorsements, rates, or rules that are being revised/replaced, otherwise N/A.
  4. Reference Filing: In State Specific Field item 4, list the filing type that applies (Policy Forms/Endorsements, Manual Rules, Rates) and enter the following data for each: Name of Company or Advisory Organization and all approved/accepted TDI Link Number, TDI Number, State Tracking Number, and/or SERFF Tracking Number, otherwise N/A.
    Refer to TDI's Approved/Accepted Advisory Organization Reference list.
  5. Interline Filing: Indicate in the State Specific Field item 5 if filing is being submitted as an Interline Filing and list all lines of insurance the endorsement applies to, otherwise N/A. Please do not show the program name, annual statement line, or product coding matrix.
    Note: Endorsements that have any rate impact or possible rate impact may not be filed as an interline filing and must be filed separately for each line of insurance.
    Refer to Filings Made Easy, page FORMS-1.
    In addition, if the interline filing includes Personal Automobile or Residential Property; the filing must include the Flesch Score.
    Refer to Filings Made Easy, Forms-11.
    Also note: Insurers may submit, as an interline filing, a rate filing that may be used with more than one line of insurance that contains only information concerning policy fees, service fees, and other fees that are charged or collected by the insurer under Insurance Code §§4005.001 - 4005.003 or §550.001.
    Refer to RATES-2.
  6. Dual Filing: Indicate in State Specific Field item 6 if filing will be used with both monoline and multi-peril programs, otherwise N/A. Filing company must provide TDI Link Number, TDI Number, State Tracking Number, and/or SERFF Tracking Number where both the applicable monoline and multi-peril programs were approved. Dual Filing is only marked when you are filing as monoline and multi-peril. Please do not mark this area when submitting a multi-peril filing. A dual filing would be appropriate only if all forms, endorsements, rules, and rates comply with all Texas laws and regulations.
    Refer to Filings Made Easy, page FORMS-1.
  7. In State Specific Field item 8, if a similar filing has previously been made for your company/group, provide company name and TDI Link Number, TDI Number, State Tracking Number, and/or SERFF Tracking Number.

Contact Information: Please contact the P&C Filings Intake and Open Records program to answer questions regarding the information on this page at 512.676-6710, or e-mail

For more information, contact:

Last updated: 6/9/2016