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Review Requirement Checklists Commercial Inland Marine

Updated 10/3/2016 - Return to Index

Indicates new addition since last update.Indicates new addition since last update

Commercial Inland Marine Checklist
Filing Standards - Policy forms and endorsements may not be unjust, unfair, inequitable, misleading or deceptive.
Prior Approval of Policy Forms and Endorsements - Refer to Texas Definition of Inland Marine to Determine if Filed or Non-Filed Class of Inland Marine Chapter 2301, Texas Insurance Code An insurance policy form or endorsement may not be delivered or issued for delivery in this state unless the form has been filed with and approved by the commissioner. Each filing shall be made not later than the 60th day before the date of any use or delivery for use.
Large Risk Exemption §2301.004, Texas Insurance Code Policy forms for use with large risks are exempt from filing for prior approval if the forms are to be used with a "large risk". "Large Risk" is defined as an insured that has total insured property values of $5 million or more; an insured that has total annual gross revenues of $10 million or more; or an insured that has a total premium of $25,000 or more for property insurance, $25,000 or more for general liability insurance, or $50,000 or more for multiperil insurance.
Disapproval of Forms; Withdrawal of Approval §2301.007, Texas Insurance Code The commissioner may disapprove a form filed under §2301.006 or withdraw approval of a form if the form (1) violates any law, including a rule adopted under the Texas Insurance Code, or (2) contains a provision or has a title or heading that is unjust or deceptive, encourages misrepresentation, or violates public policy.
Texas Definition of Inland Marine 28 TAC §5.5002, Texas Administrative Code Texas Definition of Inland Marine Insurance
Texas Lloyds, Reciprocals, and Farm Mutuals Chapters 941, 942, and 911 respectively Exempt from filing forms, rules, and rates.
Not Required to be Filed For Approval Unless Being Made a Part of the Policy
Arbitration Chapter 2301, Texas Insurance Code Language used in arbitration agreements is to be consistent with that of the policy: to wit, don't use the word "parties" when you actually mean insured(s) and insurer. Binding arbitration is okay. Arbitration agreements may be mandatory. Arbitration must be held in Texas for Texas policyholders unless mutually agree on an alternate. In general, arbitration language cannot be unjust, misleading or deceptive.
Cancellation & Nonrenewal
Elected Officials §§551.151 & 551.152, Texas Insurance Code An insurer may not cancel or refuse to renew an insurance policy based solely on the fact that the policyholder is an elected official.
Insured's Right to Cancel Chapter 2301, Texas Insurance Code Insurance company cannot limit or restrict the insured's right to cancel a policy.
Portable Electronics §§551.202-551.205, Texas Insurance Code (SB 839, 83rd Regular Session) Termination of Portable Electronics Policies
Voiding Coverage Chapter 705, Texas Insurance Code "Void Coverage" language must comply with Chapter 705, Subchapter A, and the misrepresentation must be material.
Choice of Law
Texas Laws Govern Policies Article 21.42, Texas Insurance Code Texas must be choice if filing contains choice of law provision.
Claims Settlement
Prompt Payment of Claims §§542.051 - 542.061, Texas Insurance Code Prompt payment of claims.
Contractual Limitations Period - Suits §16.070, Civil Practice & Remedies Except as provided by Subsection (b), a person may not enter a stipulation, contract, or agreement that purports to limit the time in which to bring suit on the stipulation, contract, or agreement to a period shorter than two years. A stipulation, contract, or agreement that establishes a limitations period that is shorter than two years is void in this state. The Texas Third Court of Appeals issued an opinion that acknowledges that the language providing 2 years and 1 day from the date the cause of action first accrues satisfies the statutory requirement of §16.070, Civil Practices and Remedy Code. ( http://www.search.txcourts.gov/Case.aspx?cn=03-08-00408-CV) Case #03-08-00408-CV
Notice Requirements §16.071, Civil Practice & Remedies A contract stipulation that requires a claimant to give notice of a claim for damages as a condition precedent to the right to sue on the contract is not valid unless the stipulation is reasonable. A stipulation that requires notification within less than 90 days is void.
Appraisal Chapter 2301, Texas Insurance Code Must specify a number of days, cannot be open-ended and insured must retain their right to bring legal action against insurer, but only if the insurer retains their right to deny the claim.
Providing Certain Claims Information On Request §§542.101-542.104, Texas Insurance Code; and Commissioner's Bulletin No. B-0043-05 If a policy form or endorsement contains language addressing the request or furnishing of claims information, it would need to comply with the applicable statute(s).
Coverage Issues
Examination Under Oath Chapter 2301, Texas Insurance Code If policy language requires examination under oath for anyone other than the named insured and spouse, the provision must also state that a parent or guardian may be present during any examination of a minor.
Tie-In Sales Chapter 1806, Texas Insurance Code & 6/1/78 Board Letter Tie-in sales may violate state law.
Declarations Page
Specimen Policies §1812.003, Texas Insurance Code (SB 852, 83rd Regular Session) The policy must disclose certain information on the declarations page if the insurer elects to post a specimen policy on its website.
Electronic Equipment Policy
Inland Marine 28 TAC §5.5002, Texas Administrative Code If Electronic Equipment Policy written as Inland Marine, must provide coverage for such property while in transit.
Communicable Disease Exclusion General Casualty Bulletin No. 708 TDI will not approve a communicable disease exclusion, unless it is limited to disease transmitted through sexual contact.
Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE) Exclusions Chapter 2301, Texas Insurance Code Exclusions for TSE, including all variations of the disease, must be limited to the following: Insureds that 1) import or distribute imported meat, meat by-products or any other bovine part or products containing bovine parts for resale; 2) utilize imported meat, meat by-products, blood or any other bovine part in their manufacturing or processing, or in any product that is injected, applied topically or ingested by humans or any other animal; or 3) operate in the chain of commerce (including but not limited to handling, processing, distributing, selling, or serving) for deer or elk, whether imported or not.
Fully Earned Premium/Retention of Minimum Earned Premium
Fully Earned Premium / Retention of Minimum Earned Premium Chapter 2251 & Chapter 2301, Texas Insurance Code and 28 TAC §5.9320, Texas Administrative Code TDI will consider approving fully earned premium only for risks with exposure during a period certain, such as special events and weather policies.

TDI will consider approving minimum earned premium only if it is a nominal amount.

The company must file appropriate rates associated with a minimum or fully earned premium.
General Change Endorsements
May Not Manuscript Coverage Once Approved Chapter 2301, Texas Insurance Code Coverage forms are prior approval. Change endorsements may be used to change insured address, etc. but may not be used to change, alter or "clarify" coverage in any way. Company must provide verification that the endorsement will not be used to change, alter, or clarify coverage.
Rebating or Discrimination
Rebating or Discrimination Chapter 1806 & 5.41, Texas Insurance Code Inducements prohibited.
Toll Free Information
Notice of Policyholder Complaint Procedures §521.005, Texas Insurance Code A brief written notice of suggested procedure to be followed by the policyholder in the event of a dispute concerning a policyholder's claim or premium.
Toll-Free Information & Complaint Number §§521.051 - 521.056, Texas Insurance Code Toll-Free number for the Texas Department of Insurance.
Insurer's Toll-Free Information & Complaint Number §§521.101 - 521.103, Texas Insurance Code Insurer's requirement to maintain toll-free number to provide information concerning policies issued by the insurer and to accept complaints from policyholder. Article contains an exception for insurers whose gross initial premium receipts collected in this state are less than $2 million a year or to an insurer with regard to fidelity, surety, or guaranty bonds.
Notice of Toll-Free Telephone Numbers and Information & Complaint Procedures Indicates new addition since last update.28 TAC §1.601 & §1.602, Texas Administrative Code and Commissioner’s Order 3952 To satisfy requirements for §521.005, §§521.051 - 521.056, and §§521.101 - 521.103 noted above.
Texas Lloyds, Mutual, Reciprocals and Participating Stock Cos.
Special Policy Conditions General Casualty Bulletins Nos. 276, 443, and 446 Requiring specific language be contained in policies issued by Lloyds, Mutuals, Reciprocals, and Participating Stock Companies.
Windstorm, Hurricane, or Hail
Windstorm, Hurricane or Hail Exclusion Chapter 2301, Texas Insurance Code Windstorm, hurricane, or hail may only be excluded in the catastrophe area as designated by the Texas Department of Insurance. The endorsement must limit the exclusion to the catastrophe areas as designated by the Texas Department of Insurance and the windstorm, hurricane, or hail exclusion endorsement must be signed by the insured. In lieu of the signature being required on the endorsement, the Department will consider a signed disclosure form that clearly explains coverage for windstorm, hurricane or hail is excluded from the policy. The Department will also consider optional windstorm, hurricane, or hail exclusions outside the designated catastrophe area only if there is proper rate consideration for the exclusion and the insured signs the endorsement or disclosure form as noted above. Must be optional from the insureds perspective and this should be reflected in the endorsement or in a rule. The Department will also consider windstorm, hurricane, or hail exclusions in the policy itself if such coverage is made available to the consumer through a buy-back option and there is proper rate consideration for the exclusion and the buy-back option.

Insurers are responsible for maintaining documentation in their underwriting files that supports that the coverage was made available to the insured. Forms and/or endorsements will not be approved until P&C Actuarial acknowledges that the rates are acceptable.
Filing Standards
File & Use Chapter 2251, Texas Insurance Code Each insurer shall file with the Commissioner all rates, supplementary rating information, and reasonable and pertinent supporting information for risks written in this state.
Texas Lloyds, Reciprocals, and Farm Mutuals Chapters 941, 942, and 911 respectively Exempt from filing forms, rules, and rates.
Filing Standards
File & Use Chapter 2301 & Chapter 2251, Texas Insurance Code Manual rules should reflect specific requirements for usage of policy forms, endorsements, and disclosures.
Required Documentation
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