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Approved/Disapproved Property & Casualty Filings (4 of 8)

List of filings approved or disapproved fro Commercial Property

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Commercial Property

  1. Company:        American Security Insurance Company – NAIC#: 42978
    Link No.:          128143
    Description:     Submitted the following to be used with its Mortgage Service Program (MSP) Residential and Commercial Flood Program:
    MSP-RFL-JMC-END (01-13) - Junior Mortgage Coverage Endorsement
    MSP-RFL-JMC-DEC (01-13) – Residential Property Junior Mortgage Flood Coverage Declarations
    Approved:        December 5, 2014


  2. Company:        Markel Insurance Company – NAIC#: 38970
    Link No.:          S11879
    Description:     Submitted the following for use with its Health Club Programs when issued on either a monoline basis or as part of a multi-peril package:
    MCP 1216 04 13 – Health Clubs Commercial Property Champion Enhancement
    MCP 1217 09 14 – Health Clubs Commercial Property Elite Enhancement
    Approved:        December 10, 2014

  3. Company:        American Economy Insurance – NAIC#: 19690
    American States Insurance Company – NAIC#: 19704
    American States Insurance Company of Texas – NAIC#: 19712
    Link No.:          S12467
    Description:     Submitted the following that include the limitation language for suits against the company provided under Insurance Code, Section 2301.010(b), as enacted by HB3:
    FF-0205EZ (0312) – Texas Changes, for use with their Texas Farm and Ranch Policy – Form 3
    FF-0206EZ (03-12) – Texas Changes, for use with their Texas Farm and Ranch Owners Policy – Form A and Form B
    FF-0207EZ (03-12) – Texas Changes, for use with their Texas Farm and Ranch Policy – Form 1 and Form 2
    Approved:        December 10, 2014

  4. Company:        All America Insurance Company – NAIC#: 20222
    Central Mutual Insurance Company – NAIC#: 20230
    Link No.:          S13035
    Description:     Submitted 14-3531 11 14 – Limits of Insurance form for use with their Dwelling Owners Risk Program on a monoline and multi-peril basis
    Approved:        December 10, 2014

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